Pouch Belt Dilemma

  1. I was one of the lucky ones to get the black pouch belt for 185 from NM. (thanks to TPF:graucho:) I got it and loved it. That is until I realized it was probably a return. I determined this because someone made extra holes in the belt. That's the only issue with it. My question is should I keep it & do nothing because I love it, should I return it, or should I call their customer service to see if it could be discounted futher?:confused1::confused1:
  2. Keep it and get an extra discount!
  3. Agree. You got a great deal, and if you love it, keep it. I definitely will contact NM right away for the additional discount! Good luck.
  4. Defintely contact Customer Service & see what they can do. Let us know what happens!
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone! I called their customer service and they said they could not discount any further because it was Last Call. They said the only thing I could do was return it for a full refund. Think I will just keep it.
  6. Aww that sucks! I would just keep it. It was still a great deal!
  7. It may not be a bad idea to call again and talk to a different person. I got sent a bag in the a slightly different color than what I was expecting. I talked to one person and they said just return the item. Talked to the second person and they offered a discount. It was definitely worth the call back!
  8. ....and I forgot to add...mine was a Sale item. But, it was not Last Call.
  9. I may try it again. Thanks for the advice!