Potty Training

  1. thanks chriseve ....:smile:
  2. Agreed! My little man woke up one morning just after he turned 3 and said to me "no more nappies mummy" . I admit we still use nappy pants at night but 95% of the time he wakes up dry. I keep forgetting to buy a mattress protector for his bed. Once this pack of nappies finishes, I won't be buying him anymore.
  3. Keep the advices coming! My boys are turning 2 soon and I was thinking to teach them around 2.5, definitely by 3 y.o.
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    We did the potty training in 3 days method. It's online.
    You basically stay at home all weekend and your child is naked
    From the waist down. The first day was awful but I was NOT giving up! Ugh. It was like having an untrained dog in the house. but by the second day she got better and on the third she was even better than the previous day.

    Oh the 3 day method encourages parents to only do a "potty dance" for encouragement.
    Yeah right! That wouldn't work with my child! so I went to the dollar store and purchased a small bin and inside I put stickers, coloring books, reading books, etc.

    That helped tremendously!! Each day she picked one or two things max!

    There are setbacks but few and far between. I'm so happy I did it when I did!
  5. I have potty trained 4 children and here is what I discovered. I trained 1 at 2 years old, 1 at 3 years old and 2 at 4 years old. The older ones trained in less than a week. It was so much easier. They went when they were ready. The other two showed signs of being ready, but it took more effort to keep them on a schedule and it took longer. It's just a matter of what works best for you and your child. Do it when your child is ready, not when you're ready. My 2 year old is starting to tell me everytime he goes poop :giggles:. I will start him now since I hear it takes kids with Down's a little longer to train. Again, that is what is best suited for him. Good luck! I know you'll do well and what's best.
  6. That is totally my philosophy also.... for me it would be such a waste of time to force the issue when he isn't showing all of the signs. Even his doctor that feels most kids are trained by this time agreed that you only want to encourage--not start a battle, and I can tell that if we push too much that is what will happen. I have a feeling that when he is ready he will just do it.
  7. Exactly!
  8. I am amazed that a couple of you have potty trained your child in 3 days! 3 days?! I think you could start a business by charging people to keep their toddler for 3 days and potty training them! Some parents would pay a ton to get that over with, lol!
  9. I believe it is mainly the parents that make the process drag on by not following through, not wanting to clean up accidents and being lazy in public by putting a diaper/pull up on for fear of their child having a accident while out. This confuses kids!! Either they wear a diaper or they don't. There should be no in between. Kids don't know what your expectations are if parents keep changing their minds. Make the commitment to get the diapers out of the house so there is no temptation. Yes they will have accidents and it's okay. Parents in general need to stop being scared and get rid of the "he's not ready, she's not showing signs" etc. mindset, that's just a parent cop out IMO. I'm not trying to be harsh, but parents need to stop being scared and realize the child's ability. I trained my 2 yo dd in 3 days and plan to do the same with my other dd. and when I say "trained" she still had a couple accidents here and there occasionally but that is to be expected.
  10. It is okay for you to have a difference in approach, but I would appreciate if you wouldn't talk to those that disagree with you as being scared or being a cop out. There really are children that take longer to reach the developments that allow them to potty train effectively..... there is a reason why all children do not train at the exact same age. If you happen to have a child that is ready early, good for you, but please stop with the negative comments about those of us that are having to take a different approach because our child isn't at the same stage as yours.

    99% of the people I know that successfully went through this process did not push the issue and their child trained quickly when they wanted to do it and were ready. The people I know that pushed the issue too soon spent at least a year with back and forth...potty trained for a week, not using the potty for several months, etc, Not saying it can't work, but just saying there are different methods and we should be respectful of other parents, especially when we haven't walked in their shoes.
  11. an update ... over the weekend i tried to get my girl to use her potty seat ... she understood she needs to sit on it to do her business however when she was needing to do number 2 she didnt want to use the seat ... i even tried keeping her pamper on and trying to do #2 .. didnt work .. she out and out told me " mama not now,,, later"!!!

    so i will try again in a few days ...
  12. that is really normal! Some kids start by doing it by accident and then they are comfortable doing it the next time and the time after that. I know several moms have said it took a while for them to feel comfortable doing it there, but eventually they did. My son is showing a very tiny bit of interest now so we put him on the potty to practice, but he is the same way as the above. He did accidentally pee a tiny bit in it the other night, so that was a good improvement!
  13. Alexa... my mum told me i shouldnt stress and force her to try to use the potty .. my daughter will try on her own when she is ready... my mum said me and the rest of my siblings basically potty trained when we were ready ... she didnt have to force us ... so i am hoping my daughter will be like that lol
  14. I agree with this. My son took a long time. I was stressing about it alot. The pediatrician said let it go, he'll do it when he does it. And I did, I just used the pull-ups and one day he was just dry all the time. In the overall scheme of things, as long as they're able to use the toilet by school-age that's all that really matters. No one will care if the child was 2, 3, or 4 when it happened.

  15. u are very right ... at what age did u start using pull ups? yesterday at the supermarket i was going to pick up some but wasnt sure ... only reason i want to get my daughter potty trained i was thinking of putting her into a nursery and most nurseries dont accept kids who arent potting trained ...