Potty training tips

  1. The one thing that actually worked for us, was giving high quality treats! Our 10 month old Maltese is trained to go indoors. He has a Pup Head fake grass square in the house that he goes on, which are great btw, for apartment dwellers. http://www.portabledogpotty.com/

    Each time he did his business on the pad we would praise him and give him a treat. After that it just clicked with him, and he went on the Pup Head pad all the time. He loooves getting those treats! We give him Zuke's mini naturals in chicken formula. He perks up every time he hears the package, LOL. He has no problem going outside either, but it has to be on grass.
  2. Every time our dog would whine (when he was a brand new pup) we took him outside and sat him in the grass.

    We had him trained in two weeks! We also kennel trained him...best advice I can give EVER!!! He only had 2 accidents in his kennel (was just left in for too long when he was really little) and only a handful of accidents in the house! He trained rather quickly and it was super easy!
  3. I forgot how overwhelming a puppy can be. I'm soooo tired. I like to multi task. I can't do that with him. He fears i'm going to leave him so it takes him FOREVER to poppy or to eat. He whines like crazy.
  4. My dog has always been really good about going outside and going in the same area...but lately (last month-or-so) he has been peeing on the grass as usual and then coming up and taking his poop on the deck! It's so gross! Any suggestions on how I can get him to stop? He's 4 1/2 and this is just now starting!
  5. Potty training human babies!
  6. My kitty came litter trained ready.

    Not only did she not have any accidents yet (touch wood), I have her experience 2 different kind of litter and she still go where she is supposed to.
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  8. And cats are so smart too. You put them in the litterbox one time and they figure out what it is for.
  9. Positive reinforcement is key - dogs (and humans) respond better to praise than pain. Whenever my dog went in the house, I would be firm and say "bad dog" (but would never hit). Right after meals and during the night, I would jump out of bed and take him outside to potty. Using a trigger word helps - it's almost like training them to "sit" but instead "go pee pee" so right after he did what I wanted, I would give him a treat and gush over him enthusiastically. He got the idea after after a few weeks of doing this, and he is 3 now and hasn't had an accident in the house since he was 4 months old.

    My mom is the opposite - she believes in hitting the dog, so when we got a rescue who was already 5 years old and not housebroken, my mom, in a bout of anger and impatience, smacked the dog on the nose whilst screaming at her. A few days later, she threw up her own poo (she had eaten her own refuse for three days straight in fear of being hit again to hide the evidence) . . . after that my mom has tried my way and the rescue dog is now house broken and hasn't had an accident since!
  10. I have a Tibetan Terrier Girl. She goes on command now! What I noticed made a big difference, was to differentiate between pipi potty and kaka potty (you can use what ever words you like for number 1 and 2) So whenever she squatted down to do her business, I praised her and said either good pipi potty or good kaka potty...Now I just tell her to go pipi potty or kaka potty and she does!
  11. oh and what also helps, lots of treats!!! at least my dog would do anything for a treat! :smile:
  12. With my dog... What we first did when we got her was to take her out and let her pee and poop on a newspaper. For her to associate the deed with commands, we'd repeatedly tell her "peepee" or "poopoo". We'd wait until she does, then that's the only time we get back inside. After a few months, we put newspaper in one part of the house, then we'd tell her "peepee" or "poopoo", then she did it there. Now, she'd do it on her own. We just replace the soiled newspapers with new ones. :smile:
  13. The key is you have to take them out a lot. A lot more than people seem to realize. We took our puppy outside every 20 to 30 minutes when he was awake. Crate training is key; I can't image potty training without it. I know a lot of people use the pee pads, but we were told that just confuses the dog and extends the training time. Basically you have to train them twice, once to use the pads and then again to pee outside.

    Treats worked very well for us; too well actually. Our dog is so smart he quickly learned how to abuse the system. When we started potty training every time he would potty outside he would get a treat. He quickly figured out that if he split the pee up he would get multiple treats. We started cutting out the treats when we realized he was playing us.
  14. I had to giggle, you're dog is sooooo intelligent
  15. I agree! I lol'd because my dog would never think about that. We have a year-old Bichon and love her to death but.....still not house broken. Anyone have any special tips on how to break her of the pee-pee pads and get her to go outside? She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer and we would never use anything but positive reinforcement.