Potty training tips

  1. You have to potty train them. The good thing is they catch on quickly. When I was potty training my cat, whenver I would see her doing her business or show signs that she needed to go, I would carry her over to the litter box.

  2. When we got our first kitten, we put the litter box in a bathroom. We put water and food in the bathroom and closed the door until she used the kitty litter box. We never had any issues. Good luck with finding a Persian ... they are so beautiful! :biggrin:
  3. We are going thru this now...we got a little exercise pen that we put in our yard...she has had one pee accident in our house and I wiped it up with a paper towel and put the paper towel in her e-pen...she has not had a pee accident in a week...she has been pooping in her crate at night so we have made her crate smaller and are adjusting her feeding time...
  4. ^ good idea
  5. ^ Thanks its worked great for the pottying but man breaking her of this pooping in her crate is a challenge!!!:shucks:
    I'll take any ideas...
  6. Have your pup on a set meal schedule. It makes it easier knowing when they need to go because puppies usually go poop shortly after they eat. So take her out after all meals (if you see them sniffing & circling an area.. then it's time to go~!... and lots of praises if they go where you want them to... pee pad, outside.. etc. ) .. So after dinner no treats. Take her out to do her business once more before putting her to bed. She shouldn't have to poop. (at least this is what I've read up on.. and what we've done with our pup too) . Hope that helps a little~!
  7. ^ thanks for the tip! we are working on it she is doing better!
  8. Here is a great tip, my mom gave it to me and it worked with my dog. While you open the door to go outside for a walk, ring a bell (that you tie to the doorknob). While you ring it say "outside". Eventually like after 3 months the dog figures out if he rings the bell you will let him out. It's great the dog lets you know when he wants to go so you don't have to guess!!!
  9. ^My friends mother in law did this--and it actually worked! She said her dog just rings the bell when she wants to go out--I think I could have trained my golden to do this but Im not so sure about my frenchie :p
  10. For me it only worked on the Vizsla, my Mini Dachshunds are too small to reach any bell so I understand with the Frenchie!!
  11. My puppy is too little to go outside bc she doesn't have all her vaccines yet (she is 1 month 10 days old). We are trying with the crate but she has accidents inside and sometimes eats it(her poop) at night. We wake up every 2 hours to take her to the pad but w/o success. Any suggestions? TIA

  12. I'm borrowing my BF's old dog crate for Roo (Roo is 8 months old and only 6 lbs.) the crate is a little big. So I'll have to get a puppy divider. I've had him for a little over a week and he's getting better at going out. I take him our with Licorice ( my 5yo Chihuahua) and when she pee's he'll sniff it and pee over top where she did. He doesn't follow that when poo'ing though.

    So where can I get a puppy divider? B/c he pee's in his crate a little during the night. I take him out at 12midnight and then again around 2am. After that he is ready for bed. But he still pee's. I know I should be getting up during the night to take him out. But I never had to do that with Licorice. I just want to get him trained well enough I can let him sleep outside the crate like Licorice (who sleeps in bed wit me)
  13. Any good tips? Bringing the new pup home on Tuesday(4/20). I'm a bit confused about crate training, do I put him in immediately, or is it more of a process to get him used to it. I've read conflicting information and not sure which to go with. Thanks for any help!
  14. My BF and I got a pug puppy right after christmas and took her home at about 10 weeks. Our breeder said that she had put down shower curtains initially with potty pads in different places so they would get the idea that the shower curtain was the place to potty, then as weeks went on the area with the shower curtain got smaller with a pad in the middle, and as Violet (my dog) would go on the pad she would get praised and get a treat. My BF and I put a pad by each of the doors for safety and she got the idea, we then got a potty patch for our balcony, so we taped a pad that she was used to to the deck, and eventually on top of the potty patch, then we took the pad away and now she goes on the patch like a champ. she has also learned that is she waits at the back door she will be let out to go potty, and now we are teaching her to sit at the back door and speak when she needs to go
  15. Maybe I can get some help!
    My yorkie is a little over 4 months months old.
    He's completely potty trained on weewee pads.
    There's two designated place in my house (very small house btw).
    We keep all the rooms closed except mine, which has a small area for 1 weewee pad.
    Now that I put flea meds and he has all his shots. I wanna start training him outside!
    I feed him 3x a day and try to take him out as much as possible.
    But likes to run around and nibble on leaves/grass.
    So how do I ween him off the pads and train him outside?
    I don't want to completely take away the pads.

    I also put him in a crate when he sleeps at night, from 10pm-about 8am.
    When he wakes up, he pees and poops instantly!