Potty training tips


Mar 27, 2007
With bunnies how I litter trained mine was to put litter everywhere where he did a number 1. All my litter trays looked the same (ice-cream tub with a corner cut out). Whenever he does a poop I would pick him up and say 'bad bunny!' and put him in the closest litter tray. I would the hold the poop close to his nose so he could smell it (not shoving it into his face). He learnt very quickly and all I have is just 1 litter tray for the whole house.

I used a wood chip based litter. I know some bunnies prefer to do it in hay.


Just one more...
Jan 3, 2006
We have a pug and when we first got her I read on a pug forum that tiny bits of boiled chicken breast are good to give as training treats. She loved them and it worked well for us. We took her out *a lot* at first: First thing in the morning, after eating, after playing, bedtime and lots of times in between.


Aug 17, 2006
Agree w/ above about the times to take out that Rosemary mentioned, also don't stop the walk and head home the minute it happens. They like to be out and they will associate doing their business w/ going home :sad:. Keep the walk or outside time going at least 15 minutes longer if you can.

A vet gave me that advice once. He told me that dogs will hold onto their business so they can stay out longer if once they're done, they have to go back inside.


Schumi Obsessed
Sep 2, 2007
Crate training!!!!!!!!!

The single easiest way to get your dog house trained. By far. But it's imperative to only give the dog as much space as they need to lay down and turn around. As a puppy, they do NOT need the entire crate. Get a puppy divider. Dogs will not pee where they sleep (ie, their den), so you put the dog in there for the night, while you're gone, etc and when get home and let them out -- it's outside straight away! When they pee out there, make a HUGE HUGE deal of it! Jump up and down, clap, get them all excited. Super duper praise.

We had our Ridgeback housetrained in 4 days. Yes, 4 days. He's 15 months old now, and he's peed in the house 3x in 15 months, and not once ever pooped in here.


Oct 18, 2007
A vet gave me that advice once. He told me that dogs will hold onto their business so they can stay out longer if once they're done, they have to go back inside.

It's true!! My dog did that and let me tell you, it's the most annoying thing! We do try to stay outside as long as possible but we live in Seattle and there were times we just couldn't do it (when it's raining cats and dogs or during snow blizzard!) But now it's Spring and the weather a slightly nicer we've been taking her to dog parks every weekend.

I think the most important thing when you potty train is positive reinforcement. If they do their business where they were supposed to, give them a reward. It can be a treat, toy or whatever they like the most. So they know that if they do that same behavior again they get a reward. Excitment from you also helps. Tell them they are "good girl" or "good boy", give them a kiss or belly rub, show them that you're happy with what they did.

Bonjour LV

Jun 3, 2009
My jack russell is over a year old and he has been crate trained, and we take him out often. He still insists on going whenever he wants, sadly I'm begining to think that I'm Over him. I feel horrible, but dang it's wearing me out...


Feb 15, 2008
my dog is driving me crazy with the messes! Ive given up on him going outside, and im switching to weewee pads, hope this works better.
I live with my bfs parents and they HAD a very clean house, I feel awful because on a hot hot day the dining room smells a bit like pee, im so embarassed!
Any pad training tips?


Aug 26, 2007
these are great tips. I like to point to the accident and say "No" very sternly.

It has worked great so far. The pup has to see it while you point it out. Also, don't put newspaper down in the house, he/she will think its ok to go in the house. I learned that the hard way