Potty training readiness

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  1. OK, I have tried a few times to see if DS is ready for potty training. He IS aware of when he needs to poo, but he has a REAL stubborn streak and refuses to use the potty. When I let him be naked on bottom, he will "sometimes" sit on his potty and we'll "catch" a pee, but he doesn't seem to be aware he's doing it. I try to catch it as it's happening so he can make the connection, but nope. I've tried letting him be in a potty training pant (and getting all wet) to see if he can FEEL being wet and associate that with peeing and I have tried the Cool alert diapers and nothing.

    Just now he was bottomless and while playing (standing up) he just peed... totally unaware until he (and I) saw the pee puddling on the floor.

    I'm guessing he's not ready yet...but my MIL is already being bad about it. She keeps saying, "you need to go in your potty. You're too big to pee in yoru diapers" and she INSISTS that NO ONE she knows had a nearly three year old in diapers (though I know her nephew was three as his mom TOLD ME!!! She refuses to believe it).

    My son is 2 years 9 months. My older son trained in one day at 23 months, but when he saw he had no diaper on and needed to pee, he held it in until we told him to go in the potty... That was IT... he just GOT IT. THis one, just tends to be slower in most things - didn't call till late, didn't walk until late and didn't eat until late (though learned alphabet and letters and other "intellectual" things way early).....

    DO I wait? And how to keep MIL from bugging me and him? She's AWFUL about it (she was the same with extended breastfeeding).
  2. Your son will potty train when he is ready, the more pressure you put on him to 'perform' the more likely he is to resist, you were very lucky with your first child to potty train so quickly. A bit of gentle persuasion, praise for a 'job' well done and maybe a little bribery will probably do the trick.

    Your MIL just should be told that you are comfortable and capable of potty training your son your way and in his own time and while you appreciate that she has concerns she is best to leave it to you. In other words butt out!
  3. I have three year old twin boys and they don't seem to be very interested in the idea either :smile: We've gone to Target, bought the big boy undies, the whole nine yards.... but nothin'. One day one of them wore underwear for a few hours and had multiple accidents. Never made it to the potty. He got discouraged, although I kept reassuring him that it was ok. Tonight, I told them whenever they're ready to wear their undies and put their pee pee and poop in the potty we will have a Potty Party for them :smile: They seem to get excited about that.... we'll see.

    Don't worry too much about your MIL, mine makes comments here and there also. I just tell her that when they're ready they'll tell me and it won't be a big deal.

    Good luck and don't push him. If he knows you want him to do it, he won't!!
  4. Give your son the time he needs. He just isn't ready, no matter how much your MIL carries on. She needs to be told respectfully and with great love, to butt out. Good luck.
  5. I had a relative who insisted his daughter handed him her diaper and said, "I won't be needing these anymore" at 12 months. :rolleyes::roflmfao: I never had the heart to tell him he was full of it.

    Both of my sons were over age 3 when they learned to use the potty. That is actually very common, and there is nothing wrong with a child who doesn't use the potty independently until that age. Often with younger children it is the parent who is trained to take the child to the potty every so often and not the child who notices the urges!

    I would encourage you to give your son the time he needs not to feel pressured. There is a readiness for most things, and some children are ready for things earlier and others later. My boys were late bloomers with speech and gross motor skills, too, but once things "clicked" they advanced by leaps and bounds (especially regarding gross motor). Your son sounds totally fine.
  6. Here is some good information to help you with this. You should never, never force a child to potty train. Girls can take a little more prodding...boys cannot! Many adolescent and adult problems that develop in boys have been shown through research and therapy to have their roots in the stress and shame that boys felt while being potty trained.


    I did not force my son in any way whatsoever. He was OVER 4 when he was finally trained. I gave him the potty and tried every now and then from when he was 2. Sometimes he would use it, sometimes not. One day he said, "I don't want to use the potty anymore" I just said, "Ok, well, you let mommy know when you want to use it and I'll get it for you." About 3 weeks went by and one day he said out of the blue "mommy I want to use my potty now." And that was it...used it every time since then and I made sure that he never felt any stress or pressure from us. AND I made sure to tell everyone what could happen if you force a boy to potty train. I am studying psychology so they didn't dare argue with me, lol!

    Don't stress over it, he will get it when he wants to and then he'll never look back.
  7. we've been reading and talking about the potty since dd expressed an interest in what goes on in the bathroom at 18 months... recently at 2 1/2 she has actually shown she can use the potty and this lasted a couple of weeks. she just up and started one day out of the blue... now all of a sudden again she has no interest in it and insists on using diapers... i know she can do it and it is very frustrating but i am not insisting. i figure that she will just do it when she is ready...
  8. hmm. my DS is 2 years and 5 months. yesterday morning, as i was going to change his diaper, he told me "no diaper mommy" i said "ok, let me go get your potty chair" he walked around in big boy underwear and told me the first time he needed to pee. he went and then the next two times, he didn't say anything and went on himself without quite realizing it. so after the second time, he asked for a diaper. he usually goes in the potty chair no problem before taking a bath but i just wasn't sure if it is too early. i guess i need to get pull ups soon and see if that helps
  9. My son is 2 years 9 months too! 5-3-05.. I think I calculated that right... :confused1:
    Anyway.. he poops for lollipops.. once in awhile.. he knows where to go, and he likes to flush it, and he gets really excited when he does go.. but I still don't think he's ready either.
    His mother's day out program started pushing for him to be trained.. so I sent him in cotton underwear for her. He pooped on the floor and she had to clean it up. So she hasn't pushed since!!! :yes:
    It's a little frustrating when he makes a big stinky diaper and I know he could have done that on the toilet.. but I'm trying to be patient.
    I figure.. he's not going to be 30 and still in diapers.. so, eventually, he has to get it right?
    Aaand, you know back when we really wanted them to say their first word.. and now they talk constantly.. or when we wished they would take that first step.. and now they get into everything???
    Eventually, when they are screaming "Mommy I need to go potty NOW!", and we are in the car nowhere near a gas station running late for something... we're probably going to wish they could just go in a diaper!
  10. Am I the only one that feels pressure to have my son potty-trained by 3 years old??? I am looking into preschools for my son to start in the fall and they have requirements that your child be potty-trained, no pull-ups or anything. I introduced the potty to my son around 18 months and now he is 26 months and will pee on the potty, but wants to wear his diaper. I do not want to pressure him and have him fear the potty or be traumatized, but I try to encourage him.....I don't know if he will be ready by fall and that means he cannot go to preschool!
  11. My son is 2 1/2 and has NO interest. He goes to a day care facility and there, he sees other kids who go to the potty and rarely he will. Never at home. I was just talking to a friend, I have known her for a long time; her kids are older but for some reason I could not remember the potty training phase. They did not train until they were 3 1/2. Particularly with boys, it takes longer. Forcing the issue will not help. He needs to decide that he wants to be trained, has nothing to do with you... this one is within his control
  12. I feel the same way. DD is 2 years 8 months and while we've had the potty around since she was 17 months old, and she has used it several times, she has no interest. I really want her to go to a preschool program in the fall but if she is still in diapers, she won't be able to go. And we're getting a lot of pressure from our parents about her not being potty trained yet (plus my mom keeps bragging about how my sister was potty trained at 18 months... apparently, I was 3 years old though so I don't know what her problem is). :s I know it will happen eventually. And I do my best not to pressure. We reward even trying, but that doesn't work anymore either.