Potty training needs

  1. OK, we are embarking on this. My first son was a breeze and trained during vacation in like one day - never an accident again. Plus, he was in daycare, so he was being watched for signs the entire time.

    Well, now DS #2 is getting there, but he's a different creature and he doesn't quite get it and I'm sure we'll have accidents. I'll stay home for a few days while we are working on the "initial" part of it, but I don't want to put diapers back on for days we are out... or should I?

    What do you do for outings during potty training? Or, if you are out and they are trained, how do you deal with bathrooms a gazillion of miles away... they just seem to be so far away in malls, I swear!
  2. This is prob going to sound gross.. but a girl I used to work with carried the little potty training potty in her car when her kids were training, I always thought that sounded like a good idea.. but the thought of cleaning it out or putting it back into my car makes me a little queasy.

    I think there are little plastic covers you can put over their "big boy underwear" that could help catch a leak. I'm still kind of on the beginning of this whole journey too though so I will be interested to hear what other moms did.