Potty accident. What to do???

  1. My Min pin Lilly is just over a year and half. She is potty trained and goes outside whenever she wants anytime day or night (we have 2 doggy doors, one on each floor)
    Last week she just randomly went in my bedroom while I was standing near by!! I heard her collar jingling and I came ariund the corner and her ears went down IMMEDIATLY and I told her she was a bad girl. Not yelling just very firm. I then told her to go on...she went in the living room and sulked. I thought, ok she KNOWS and maybe she had just held it too long and it just got the best of her. Well, tonight she was sleeping under the covers in bed with me and she was more on my husbands side as he was not in bed yet. She suddenly crawled out of the covers looked at me and came and snuggles down tight against me. I did not think anything of it as she does that all the time. About 30 minutes later DH came to bed and he said...hey...the dog peed on the bed!:wtf::wtf: So I jump up and so does lilly, she looks at me lays back down on her back legs in the air ears back and scared...she KNEW! Thank god I caught it before I soaked thru! I told her again! BAD! Firmly and told her to GO ON. She went under the bed and would not come out. She went in her sleep on the bed....What is the best way to handle this? Any advice would be great. Thanks ladies.
  2. Hmm that's very strange that she's been potty trained for so long and has doggie doors available but chose not to use them on these occasions.

    Is she sick? Is she acting strange in any other way? I think a call/trip to the vet would help.
  3. I would take her to the vet. Strange behavior out of the blue like that. Has she been drinking water more than usual?
  4. It is hot, but its ALWAYS hot here. She is running around like crazy as usual. She went potty in her sleep...that is what is so strange. I did change thier food. I wonder if that is it? I will go back to the old stuff today and see how she is.
  5. I would definitely take her to the vet.
  6. Well, I just called my vet and expained what happened. She siad not too worry (she just say Lilly 3 weeks ago for her yearly check up) she told me to mark it on the calendar and if it happens again to call her again. She thinks she was just in a really deep sleep and did not realize. (she is tiny...9 pounds) I dont know...I will just keep watching her.
  7. Keep an eye out on her behavior. She might have an infection. If it continues definitely get her back to the vet. I hope she's back to her normal self soon.
  8. ^^That's what I'm thinking, an infection of some kind. Poor Lily, you can tell she feels bad about it. Prince does the ear laying back thing too when he's in trouble.
  9. She might have a UTI. If you vet has seen her recently maybe should would let you bring in a urine sample so they can test it without having to bring Lilly back in.
  10. My one of my 3 pugs will sometimes randomly do that, on the bed too. Seriously I think they do that when they are mad at me. Have there been any changes within your household? The accidents my pugs have seem to happen when I have been busy and not at home as much, like on vacation or putting in extra hours at the office. It has also happened when I’ve had my moms pug over to pet sit. Just little situations like that. It’s almost like it is my payback for upsetting their little pack. Since I have 3 pugs I don’t know who exactly did it because I have never caught one of them in the act. Once they see me notice the accident they will all look very guilty! I just firmly tell them no and make them all go outside. They will sulk about it for a bit. That’s pretty much all I can do. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often but when it does boy does it suck!
  11. I would take her to the vet right away as this definitely sounds like a UTI. Same thing happened to my female years ago and that's exactly what it was
  12. potty training is soooo frustrating, maybe she does have a urinary problem at this time? i know you will think oooh no i don't want to but crating if she keeps doing it might help for a while, or also you could put a doggy pee pad near your bed at night or in the room you are in in case she needs to go right away unexpectedly? i hope this will help, if she does it again i say yes take her to the vet, i hope she is okay :heart:
  13. I'm also concerned about there being a UTI. If nothing else has changed in your home/routine, and she's been potty trained for awhile, then that makes me question a medical issue.

    How has she been since you last posted? And how long ago did you change her food?
  14. I have a 13-year-old Maltese. I have no explanation but she just goes where she wants sometimes. When I lived with my parents she could get out whenver she wanted between all of us having different schedules and she'd still poop under the kitchen table.

    She used to pee in my bed and peed in my brother's bed too. Then we got her ramps so she could get out during the night. She never did it since. So I haven't broken her of all the bad pottying but she has never done it in the bed again.
  15. I switched back to her old food and stopped giving her new treats I had bought as well. She is back on her normal regime. No problems again so far. Im keeping an eye on her. If it happens again I will take her to the vet for sure.
    Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate it! (I never even knew dogs could get UTI's) I learn something new on here almost everyday. LOVE IT!