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  1. I have three different Pottery Barn Coupons (Store, Kids and Teens). I believe they are only good for only one time via online Please PM me if you want the code and tell me what store you want. The code expires May 23, 2010!
  2. ^ PM'd you about the code for the regular PB store :smile:
  3. ^PM'ed you about PB Kids code, thanks!!!
  4. I sent a PM to the first 3 people who PM'd me for the codes. I will send them to you on Monday!
  5. Geena, where did you get the PB codes (catalog? internet?)? I know yours are all gone, but I'd love to try to snag another so I can buy some furniture from PB Teen. Thanks!
  6. My mom moved and she got a new welcome catalog from PB, the coupons were in her welcome packet...hope that helps!
  7. Anyone have any extra 10% codes? My catalogs dont have any! Please PM me if you do! TIA!
  8. Do you have any left? I would love a PB kids or teen one! Thanks!:yahoo:
  9. I would love a code, too, if anyone has a spare. I have to buy some extra crab cardholders for my wedding, and they're expensive!
  10. bump, please! regular pottery barn code would be great. thanks!
  11. Does anyone have a regular pottery barn code? I need a new down comforter. Please PM me if it is one time use only.
  12. I would like a code too so if anyone has one please pm me. Or if you figure out exactly how they are issued let me know that too. I'm looking at lighting. Does anyone know if there is an annual lighting sale at PB?
  13. I am looking for code to use on bedding please PM me.
  14. BUMP -

    Looking to buy several large ticket items...anyone have a coupon they could PM me?

    Thank you!
  15. Ohhh I guess Im late :sad: