Pottery Barn Baby/Kids Codes??

  1. I want to buy a sleigh bed for a good friend's baby shower. Any codes??? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Pottery Barn hardly had any coupons. A few weeks ago they had 20% off but other than that hardly ever.

    So you can look on eBay and buy one there or you can make a registry for yourself, ending date set for a week ahead and then they will mail you a 10% off coupon to complete the registry.
  3. They also have a few outlets throughout the country...I know North of Atlanta...can't remember the town, but someone will, they have a great one...
    Also an Off 5th...and others...

    the only problem I have had with PB is that some of it fades (sofa cover was navy, then purple!) and my girlfriends nice silverware literally fell apart...she had to glue the embellishments back on.
  4. any free shipping codes for pottery barn?
  5. If you're talking about the Larkin nursery set then chances are... it's not going on sale. I found it at the beginning of my pregnancy and checked back religiously waiting for at least free shipping or something. But nothing. I finally got sick of waiting and went ahead and bought it. But no disappointment! It's absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!