'Potter' Stars Are All Grown Up

  1. (ABC News)

    It seemed like just yesterday that the world was waiting to hear which lucky kids would fill the shoes of the literary world's most famous pre-teen wizards. Back then, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (from left at a photocall for the first movie on August 23, 2000) were just a trio of cute kids. But as they gear up to star in the fifth on-screen Harry Potter movie, "The Order of Phoenix," due out July 11 (I know, it's an old group of photos, but nobody posted them yet. - caitlin1214), it's clear that these fifth years have grown into their own. The actors' fame has had a major growth spurt that has turned three geeky wizards into teen dreams in the eyes of wizards and muggles alike.

    As if his years at Hogwarts weren't exciting enough -- battling dragons, serpents, and avenging war lords -- Daniel Radcliffe took on an even more audacious role when he hit the London stage... and left his knickers behind. Although Harry has definitely grown up in later books -- snogging his boyhood crush Cho Chang in book five and taking hands with (his best friend's sister) Ginny Weasely in six -- the 17-year-old actor showed off a newly buff physique in the risqué "Equus" on the London Stage.

    Hogwart first years thought Hermione Granger needed a charm to tame her frizzy hair and a spell to straighten her crooked teeth to complete her fiery, know-it-all style. Granger gave in to her sexy side at the Triwizard Ball in "The Goblet of Fire," shedding her oversized witches robes for a fitting, curvaceous gown. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old actress has grown up -- and out -- much more than the Daily Prophet has let on, a bit of magic that has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of 17-year-old boys.
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  2. A limp, hand-me-down wand and second-hand robes made for an awkward and gawky first-year Ron Weasley. Tripping over his robes and books, Ron took the role of second best to his best friend Harry. But a few years, a new wand, and bit of fame-by-association perked up the redhead's ego enough to snag a girlfriend in the upcoming film version of "The Order of Phoenix." Grint, like Ron, has conquered his awkwardness to become magically cool.

    Draco Malfoy, hair slicked and smirking with mischeif, turns the heads of all those witches lusting after a bad-boy. Though he's not as tough as his talk, Tom Felton can't help but catch the eye of every girl looking for a hunk with an edge. Harry Potter and his arch rival are always at odds, trying to prove whose wand is bigger and hex more gruesome.

    Although she was always considered the baby of the bunch, Ginny Weasely surpassed her five older brothers with her reputation, making a lengthy "ex" list to drive Ron -- and to her surprise, Harry -- mad. She became Harry Potter's girlfriend in The Half-Blood Prince, and the two had to leave their relationship and raging hormones behind when circumstances turned drasticly dangerous and it was time to grow up.
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  3. Seeing double is just fine when it comes to Fred and George, the Weasley twins. Painfully mischevious and charming, the duo's troublesome style has won them wizard fans around the globe.

    Here, they're book babies battling the evils of the wizarding world. Since their first bout with Lord Voldemort, the trio has taken on the likes of werewolves, fugitives, and every half-living being in between, but those battles are humbled by their provocative arguments with professors and racy pubescent bickering amongst themselves.

    As their challenges and adventures grow, so too does their attraction and fan base. The wizarding world was brought to life by the Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson and as the last page of book seven draws nearer, the world has seen both the wizards and the actors grow up with the series.
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  4. emma is gorgeous! my cousin was nicknamed harry because he looked exactly like daniel radcliffe.
  5. Ahhh Emma is gorgeous. Ginny looks pretty too. She could use a little more makeup. :shrugs:
  6. Emma is gorgeous! It's so weird seeing them all grown up!
  7. guess no more potter movies...:p:yahoo:
  8. it is so WEIRD to be seeing those photos of htem side by side. It feels like it was last year when teh first movie came out.... ack how time flies! Daniel Radcliffe looks soo adorable!
  9. I love Daniel, he is so cute!!!!And Emma also!
  10. Actually, there's two more.

    The 6th one will be out next November and the 7th one will be out sometime in 2010.
  11. Why wouldn't there be more movies? The characters are quite grown up too, and if people could believe that the O.C. guys were 17, and that all their parents had them at 16, I don't see why we can't have 18 years old Daniel Radcliffe playing...17 and 18 years old Harry Potter :upsidedown:
  12. thanks for posting!!
  13. Emma is the only one growing up still looking pretty...