Potomac Mills October update

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  1. 10/03/10 @ noon

    They handed out 20% off coupons at the door.

    50% clearance
    MFF lg parker hippies in black and violet
    MFF parker shoulder in black and violet
    madison croc zip around
    poppy lg wristlets
    There was a goldy wristlet - but it was gone during my second walk through at 2pm

    30% off
    Poppy totes, groovys, 2 pink spotlights, backpacks
    Madison Haileys, sm hippie, carryalls (pink croc), audreys, Maggies (leather and signature)
    MIA shoulders in patent purple and leather purple
    Alexandra in green, pink croc, pink/purple sateen Cs

    Keychains - $29
    pave scottie dog, cupcakes, poppy star, grasshopper

    10 spy pics
  2. 30% off FP
    30% off FP
    30% off FP
    clearance accessories wall
    clearance MFF wall

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  3. clearance MFF
    clearance accessories
    clearance accessories
    30% off FP
    30% off FP

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  4. You rock! I sooo love spy pics! Lots of awesome stuff at the outlets right now!
  5. Great report burgandy!
  6. Thank you so much for your pictures!
  7. Thanks so much for the update
  8. Always love your pictures...THANK YOU so much for taking the time to post them!! Lots of eye candy this time. I would imagine quite a bit is gone by now.
  9. 10/16 update (sorry, no spy pics though)

    Madison spectator hippie in tan/khaki 50% off
    Madison Haileys in chainlink, lilac, tan, ivory, blue 50% off
    Maggies in mahogany and maybe the plum? 30% off
    Peyton totes in black, pink 30% off
    Kristin hobo in khaki 50% off
    Kristin drawstring in the blue woven(?) sig 30% off
    one checkbook grey croc wallet 50% off
    Julia totes in yellow, lilac 50% off
    Julia wallets (medium) 50% off

    I returned a medium bone croc wallet.

    They were giving out 20% coupons at the door.

    I can't remember everything...feel free to ask me about stock. I wasn't paying any attention to prices, though.
  10. Thank you so much for your report. saves me a trip