Potomac Mills July Finds Thread

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  1. I will be down in the morning, but I heard they had 3 pat. white and 3 pat. grey peytons earlier today, not sure if they are still there.
  2. Could you let us know if they have the purple Peyton? :flowers:
  3. Please check for the purple patent. I will be in Jersey this weekend and might stop at Jackson - in case anyone is looking for anything special.
  4. Oh let us know if you see the Saddle peyton too!! Thanks!!
  5. haha something special in jackson...
  6. no purple peytons....they had them in white & gray (patent)
  7. no saddle but they had 2 atlantic...
  8. :roflmfao: Yeah, LMAO at that one!
  9. Well - Im glad I did not stop at Jackson - sounds like the outlet is not too hot!
  10. Stopped at P. Mills yesterday to return some things - they still have plenty of Bonnie stuff and tons of Zoes in every color and size - had Peytons in Atlantic, Green and Metallic - no more Saddle.

    They also had those Bonnie "lady bags" in green python.
  11. It was just too big...and since I have the shoulders of a linebacker, I couldn't get the satchel straps up and over. Boo. :crybaby:

    BUT, they have the Cashin wristlets now! (Didn't have them the last time I was in...I don't know how many styles of that wristlet they made, but there were 3 different designs.) Almost pulled the pin and bought the orange/pink one at Macy's last week...so glad I waited! Red-lined to $80 + 50% off. Out the door for $41 something (w/ the tax).

    LOTS of Bonnie bags, a couple of Cricket satchels (rose gold, black), 1 pearl Carly, HS magenta convertible hobos, checkbook zip-around wallets and large totes, TONS of Zoes (and a couple of the XL editorials in a dark color, but I can't remember WHAT color), cupcake cell phone lanyards. Amanda satin mini-skinnies in the sky blue and gray. Parker large wristlets in rose gold. Peytons in metallic, white, green, and one other dark color, again, I don't know what color it was. A few Penelope and Leah bags, but not much left.

    Hope that report strikes somebody's fancy!
  12. Did you see anything in the opal python?
  13. ^^YES! The capacity wristlet and a small clutch-like bag...I think the wristlet was 90 w/ the red-line + 50% off.
  14. Was there this morning - returned a braided editiorial Zoe in dark grey in case anyone is interested -

    Good thing I did not buy anything since I did not find out about the coupon until I got home -

    Seems I am returning alot lately - hope I dont get the "letter"
  15. ^^ Did you get any of the Opal Python?