Potomac Mills in Virginia

  1. Great deals at Off 5th = Reduced Gucci bags and Prada bags (and they let you use the 30% off coupon).
    At Nordstrom Rack = Designer Sun Glasses = Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Coach, etc = $59.99

    I bought a Gucci Britt tote with Gold GG for under $800 (ticket price $1,595) and a pair of Prada and a pair of Fendi shades. What a good Monday! :smile:
  2. Were there any Marc Jacobs bags??
    Thanks for the report!
  3. I never come home empty handed from Potomac Mills. Off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack are always awesome!
  4. Love the mall but heck an hour away :sad:

    My boyfriend works at the mall so lol I guess i'd check it out whenever I go see him!
  5. I saw like 3 Marc Jacobs bags at Off 5th. It had the thick golden chain that was beautiful. I would love to have it, but the chains were so heavy. And they also had alot of lamb bags and prada stuff.

    Nordstrom Rack had quite a few lamb bags and wallets too.

    Yes, I went to potomac mills today =P