Potomac Mills in June/July


Jan 19, 2008
Since it's almost July - figured I'd save a future new thread by adding July.

I was browsing TPF today and discovered Peggle's Outlet find: Bordeaux Ali - so of course I jumped in my jeep and drove to Potomac Mills. No suck luck - I only have myself to blame as I could have called to check, but I haven't been to PM for awhile so I figured why not make a trip =)

I was so bummed I almost didn't take spy pics, have no fear spy pics to follow.

There were 4 FP bags - all large brookes - 2 signature brown, 1 signature black and 1 black leather. I forgot to check the prices.

Orange, cherries & flamingo keyfobs

Decent selection of sunglasses in the Jewelry case along with two Poppy Cluster Stone Bracelets.

The rest MFF =)

Handing 20%/30% coupon at the door.

To all my NoVa TPFers - please PM me if you see the Bordeaux Ali at Leesburg or Potomac Mills.