Potomac Mills - February 2010

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  1. Thought I'd try to move it to a new thread since it's already February. Craziness. I heard that this past weekend was the last time they'll do the 20% off for a while - so I don't know what the 10% is for - may to make up for the weather.

    I'm so jealous of the kristin purchases!!!! They had no more.
  2. had a TON of sunnies...I got a pair of Nadias, black! used to have a pair of Sadies, but in comparison, the arms are a lot slimmer on the Nadias. has a cool C print on the sides of the lenses, plus on the arms. All Coach sunnies are $65 (better price than the outlet, my Sadies were at least $80!!!) and you get the case at the register when you check out. :nuts:

    they also had a Clover E/W duffle in plum, 179.99 + 35% off (clearance), a Bonnie foldover in the pink & salmon, 109 + 35% off. They also had some lavender lunch totes and at least one patent taupe/tan lunch tote (didn't see price). Also, a khaki sig/rosegold metallic wallet (that was weird, I think it's from several seasons ago).
  3. show me the pics pls... :graucho:
  4. Potomac Mills open regular time: 10am 2/11 Thursday :smile:
  5. 30% off: Still a good Poppy selection, some teal patent Haileys, teal patent aubrey, 1 op art sabrina, 2 Madison leather shoulder, audrey's in brownish/gold, 3 Op art Juliannes (I think), 1 teal maggie, op art maggie,

    Patent Peytons - $349, few of the MFF Legacy turnlock wallets - $109

    Clearance: Teal jeweled zip around wallets in the clearance

    New convertible Zoe (I did not notice these at Leesburg). I like the idea - short strap and long strap. $199 small/$229 large

    Enjoy the spy pics =)
  6. Spy pics
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  7. Spy pics
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  8. They were up on the shelves along the back wall (if you're looking straight back after walking in) of the store.
  9. spy pics
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  10. Lburg's zoe's are along the back wall, between the men's section and the FP deletes.
  11. As always Burgandy, thank you for great spy pics!!!!
  12. yay, more spy pics. thanks!
  13. I appreciate the spy pix since I missed out on going to the famed Potomac Mills/Leesburg outlets last week. The cabbie confirmed it was quite a drive from where we were, especially since there's construction. I was in Washington for only a day and flew into the RR airport (had it been Dulles I would've been :yahoo:). I did get to see the White House, one Smithsonian musuem & the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone is so friendly there!

  14. burgandy05,
    Thanks for the great spy pics. Is that a red or fuchsia Peyton in that 5th photo? Looks red on my monitor...
  15. THanks for the spy pics - makes me feel like I'm there. Darn the snow.