Potomac Mills 2012 update

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  1. Thank you! Love the Chelsea Carryall.

  2. me toooo -
  3. Awesome spy pic's burgandy05! Thanks!
  4. interesting hobby
  5. 02.24.12 @ 8pm

    I noted some FPs:
    Abigail in silver
    Lindsey in black
    Poppy Lg tote 18674

    snowflake frame keychain

    spy pics...
  6. 5 spy pics
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG
  7. Thanks for sharing spy pics burgandy.
  8. 05.07.12 @ 1pm

    No more wallet/accessories bins on the left side by the clearance :sad:
    Very slim in the FP section...

    Coach bought the Cole Haan space and made it a Coach Men's outlet. There is a in-store walk thru too. Nobody was in there -with 4 SAs, so I couldn't snap pics.

    Spy pics...
  9. 1-3 clearance
    4 FP
    5 Men's
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG
  10. Is that a mini sophia in pic two on the middle shelf?
  11. OMG is that a pinnacle allie on the 4th picture bottom left???
  12. Sorry ladies, I didn't dig this time, just did a quick walk through and snapped some pics along the way.
  13. Not too crowded today...went around 3:30-4p. Yes on the patent Kristins (gray, pink) and a couple of dotted MFF Sophias. Some champagne round Kristin satchels, champagne and gray embossed Katarinas, Kristin hobos (?) in parchment (man, that's some stiff leather). Patent Jayden (?) carryalls. A woven Peyton-type tote (gold). Gathered sig Maggie in gray. The rest of the store was MFF.

    Disappointing trip, walked out with nothing. Boo.
  14. I was there yesterday. Same stuff. Nothing exciting.
  15. Returned a navy Mia Harper satchel today. Could still be there. Manager couldn't have been nicer, even though it was a weird return (from so long ago).