Potiron vs. orange (clemence or togo)- comparison pics?

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  1. Does anyone have a picture showing potiron (togo) next to orange (clemence)? I have searched for it but couldn't find any good picture.

    Is it correct that potiron has been discontinued?

    Thank in advance for your help!
  2. no pic but take a look in the reference lib. they are quite easy to differenciate orange is well just like happy H orange while potiron is a muted orange lots of brown in it (think autumn leaves, or literally pumpkin)
    potiron is still available and not discontinued but i am unsure if it was offerd on podium the last few times
  3. I don't have any pictures, however; I absolutey love potiron! I prefer it over orange for sure!
  4. sorry no clemence vs togo, but i do have a pic of potiron chevre de coromandel (35 cm birkin) vs. orange chevre mysore (globetrotter agenda)...hopefully this will help a wee bit. the other bag on the left is a bottega veneta cabat just so you are not confused

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  5. Thank you!!!!! I have been looking at the reference threads but this is exactly the kind of picture I was looking for. After having seen the picture and also read lilachs great description I now have a better understanding of both colours!!!!!
  6. you're very welcome! sometimes a side by side is just so much easier than trying to imagine ;)
  7. Some more questions:

    * Does anyone have a comparison picture of potiron vs. gold?
    * If a colour is not available on podium, is it possible to place a special order for it?
    * What colour is the stiching of poitron/orange bags?
    * Are there more "orange" colours (for regular leathers) than potiron/orange/feu?
  8. Are you thinking about getting something in potiron??
    I love potiron and gold. You cant go wrong with any of those, I asked once about the stiching and the SA told me that when you order the stiching can be the color you choose. But again i am not sure how true is that, some SAs doesnt seem to know very well sometimes
  9. I don't know- maybe! I still have a lot of decisions to make (and I need to save too) regarding what bag (I haven't made up my mind yet), size and colour to get so right now I am just trying to make some research.
  10. When you make a SO, you can specify the color of the stitching.
  11. i don't have these colors in Togo but I have in Clemence. Here is a comparison picture between Potiron and Orange in clemence leather. Hope this helps!!

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  12. It for sure helps! Thank you so much babyskyblue! May I ask you what hardware you have chosen for your bags?
  13. Gorgeous colours in clemence!