potiron vs. bright red

  1. i'm choosing between a potiron 31 bolide and a bright red (LV epi red for comparison) 37 and don't know which to go with colorwise. i'm leaning towards potiron but i'm not sure if it will be too orange. i don't have orange bags, so i need some advice. i tend to wear all kinds of colors in terms of my outfits.
  2. Love potiron if you wear warm colors...
  3. I'm partial to potiron myself.
  4. My vote for Potiron. It's actually a very neutral color and it almost goes with every color. I have a Birkin 30 in Potiron and I just love it. :yes:

    It is not as orange as the Hermes' signature orange!
  5. Me too... The Potiron is very neutral and stunning.:p
  6. Potiron is gorgeous!
  7. I love potiron! If I'm getting a red, it would be rouge H.
  8. By the way - what leathers? That might make a difference too...
  9. Love Potiron! I love the red too but if I were choosing I'd prefer the 31. :shame:
  10. Sometimes you just have to buy a bag because you love it and you will just carry it because you love it. I have done that before and I will do it again. These colors just can't match everything, so you have to have the idea you will carry it because it will bring you happiness. One thought...when you clash...you can't carry it. Hee hee

    Buy what you love!
  11. Of the two, definitely red for me! (especially if it's rouge garance!!)
  12. I was also going to ask which leather. But, I love both colors!! Which size Bolide works better for you? Maybe that might help sway you one way or the other.
  13. If you are willing to go with rouge H....I vote rouge H over potiron. It will match nearly everything. I was reading your post wrong initially.
  14. I have both Rouge H and Potiron and find, suprisingly, that Potiron isa better fit with far more outfits than my rouge H.
  15. Bright Red for me! The sluttier the red, the better!