Potiron Vibrato Kelly

  1. What are your opinions on the attached Box Potiron/Vibrato Kelly 32cm? Picture is from a Taiwanese website.
    KELLY Potiron Vibrato 32cm.jpg
  2. There was discussion of this bag over a year ago on the Fashion Spot Hermes thread and it was said to be a fake.

    Without good close ups, who is to say? It has been mentioned that vibrato is rarely if ever faked.
  3. gracekelly...thanks for the info!! I've seen the exact same Kelly IRL in a Hermes store. Regretted for passing on it! Recently, I was informed that another is available...so...:confused1: :p

    The picture from the Taiwanese website was the only picture I could find online which was similar, if not the same, to the Kelly I saw in the store last year. Posted it here to garner some feedback on it :smile:
  4. I saw one in red (don't ask me which one) the other day on a Japanese website, if you're interested I'll fwd the link to you.
  5. It look so real, I didn't know it was fake. Potiron is not my favorite color for vibrato. Rouge vif, black, etoupe, cyclamen is my preference.
  6. Dior, did you get the PM I sent you re a red vibrato Kelly a couple of days ago?
  7. A Rouge H or Cyclamen vibrato ould be nice. Haven't seen any IRL yet. Only one is the Potiron. Hence I was considering it. A vibrato Kelly/Birkin would be a nice addition to H-bags!

    Hello2703...would appreciate if you'll forward me the link too! Thanks!
  8. i saw the same bag at vegas hermes last month. they also had a black vibrato kelly.
  9. I love vibrato. I thought they were discontinuing it? I would love a vibrato birkin, one day.
  10. ^GF, I thought that they were disc. Vibrato as well because it can't be refurbished, but then I found my Birkin and have heard of a rash of Vibrato pieces in shops lately, so I will need to ask my manager because when I asked my SA she was clueless and had no updates.
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Birkin, Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I SO want one, one day!!!!!!!
  12. ^Thank you so much! I had admired aspen's immensely, and would always stare at them on eBay. Believe me, they are out there, esp. lately. I actually found mine in the window of my shop, just sitting on the shelf when I went in to buy other items, I acted as though I had hit the Lotto!
    So many people either don't recognize the Vibrato, or are just looking for plain leather that they pass them over. I will let you know if my manager is in tomorrow and I can get an answer from her regarding production.
  13. fabulous!! Thank You!
  14. I would love to know this. Last summer my Palm Beach SA told me that vibrato was being discontinued. Wasn't sure if I really believed it.
  15. ^^I had been told the same thing GK, for some time, so I will inquire about how/why I did get my Birkin and whether they changed their mind about the discontinuation. I'll do my best to find some info, if my manager is back, she is quite helpful.