~POTIRON Rules!! At least for today :) PICS!

  1. Worn today on a date with my DH for Mother's Day luncheon.......:heart:

    .......my Potiron Kelly 35 in Clemence, Pall h/w, Hermes Lima silver bracelet, white gold Hermes Tohu Bohu ring, navy blue Von Furstenberg shirt dress with Hermes Potiron belt.:cutesy:




    Ordered a medium and a large size Purseket for the Birkins and discovered that the medium fits the Kelly 35 very nicely.

  2. Very nice! I love the bright bags....
  3. You look fabulous isus!! you can certainly rock the potiron! :smile:
  4. Isus,
    You look super!! I love the potiron!!
  5. ISUS!!!!! You look beautiful!!!! I love your Potiron Kelly and Belt!!!!! Every time you wear a belt, I want the same one!!!!!!

  6. So gorgeous on you...!!

  7. Hey, thanks, very much!! I hope everyone who is celebrating, is having just the nicest of days.

    ShopMom, I highly recommend this belt as it's very substantial and comfortable at the same time. Typical Hermes:yes:
  8. u look amazing =D
  9. Congrats- I LOVE the size!
  10. beautiful!
  11. WoW!!!
    That wide Étrivière belt looks amazing, Isus!

    ...perfect match with the Kelly
    and an even more perfect match with you;).
  12. SO pretty! I love potiron! :heart:
  13. You look great isus.:yes:
  14. You look fabulous! Happy Mother's Day!
  15. I love potiron lovers!!!