Potiron Kelly in which leather?

  1. I'm considering a 32cm Potiron Kelly Retourne with Palladium Hardware, and wondering which leather would be best. Considering togo, clemence, and chevre.

    I'm leaning towards chevre because I want the bag to look amazing (and not worry about veining, slouching).

    Does chevre look good in the retourne style?

    Please help.
  2. ^ Chevre, chevre, chevre. It just glows! This is one of my dream Kellys!
  3. ^^ I second GT. YES YES YES.
  4. I was going to say chevre also..in potiron,it will look so lush!!
  5. chevre.
  6. Thanks for the unanimous vote on chevre. More specifically, would chevre look good in RETOURNE? I'm asking because I only seen other PT's members' black chevre in sellier.
  7. ^ absolutely, in Retourne. Seen it. Adore it!!!
  8. If you have any concerns about slouching, are you sure you want retourne and not sellier? Maybe someone here has had long term experience with a chevre retourne kelly and can chime in about slouchiness or not.

    I've recently seen a Potiron 32cm Clemence and it's slouchy in a really good way.
  9. I have a potiron chevre plume and love it. The color is fabulous!
  10. Chevre would look amazing!, but as a second choice I would pick togo.
  11. Chevre!! sigh, so lovely!
  12. Another vote for CHEVRE!!!:love:
  13. Chevre for sure and it will not slouch. It stands up ever so pretty! The leather will glisten!!!
  14. Chevre. Been dreaming about it, since I saw H_addict's potiron kelly:tender:
  15. I think in chevre it will be gorgeous if you can get it!!