Potiron in Togo or Chevre?

  1. I think my first birkin will be a potiron 30cm, however I'm not sure if I should get togo or chevre? Opinions please!!!
  2. I love my Potiron Togo but if I would've had a choice, it would have been Chevre, hands-down, because it's my favorite Hermes skin.
    Potiron Chevre is gorgeous and a little deeper in color than on Togo.
  3. Either!!

    But I'm with GT, if I had the choice, I would probably go chevre.
  4. Potiron chevre sounds perfect - but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't turn away potiron togo, either! Potiron is one of my very fave colors. GL in your quest for a potiron Birkin.
  5. I LOVE the look of Chevre but yes, I'm with Ninja Sue.. I most likely would not turn down Togo.
  6. Chevre all the way!
  7. Chevre!! (of course, if someone were to want to GIVE me a potiron togo.......:roflmfao: ) But, the color really is divine in chevre.....
  8. The color is amazing in Chevre! but if you want to be more subtle, then go for togo! either is GORGEOUS!
  9. Chevre shows the depth of the color, but Togo is also really stunning. I think you would be thrilled with either.
  10. I would go for potiron in chevre! Your avatar tells me you like goat already ;)
  11. Togo!!!! :yes: My favorite! :love:
  12. Potiron Chevre is divine IRL! That gets my vote, but really...how could you go wrong? :shrugs:
  13. Potiron Chevre seems to be easier to find. I've had to turn down 2 Chevre Kellys because I am waiting for Togo (and I gotta save up some more :lol: ).
  14. togo but that is just me even thoughi love chevre more as a leather i just have a thing for the colour on togo
  15. ^ My Birkin is blushing, Lilach!