Potentially silly scarf question...

  1. Sorry, still can't search.

    Before wearing a scarf for the first time, do you iron out the creases?

    I just bought the De Tout Coeur in the black/orange/turquoise colorway and I am in love!!:love:

    No scarf cards in the store, so sad. I thought I might be able to score a set, since I was buying a scarf. No dice. :crybaby:

    So, what's the deal? Iron? Steam? Bueller? ;)
  2. I don't bother, but then I rarely iron anything :lol:
  3. I've never ironed them, too scared to. Once you tie it you will usually not be able to see creases.
  4. I don't either
  5. Me either. But, like Loony, I'm not a frequent ironer :upsidedown:
  6. I don't usually iron my scarves but once in a while, if I use them as a cumberbund/belt under a suit, I have to iron it afterwards. I either iron it on low but only if my iron is superclean or I put a cotton tea towel over it and iron through that. I also only iron the reverse side!:flowers:
  7. Not a illy question , some people do, most don't - it is a question of taste and how you tie it

    I iron mine all the time
  8. No i do not iron the scarf when it is new. However i do iron it after wearing it as top, it tends to get all creased up at the end of the day.
  9. the creases will release after a few wears mostly
  10. For me, part of the charm of an H scarf are the creases. I fold up the scarf after use, exactly they way it was originally folded. I hope those creases last forever. Then again, I store my H scarves in their original boxes.

    If you are going to iron your scarf, don't iron the edges. Those should always be plump.
  11. Awesome information ladies! Thanks so much for all of the responses.

    I'll try to take some action pics, but I don't know if I'll feel comfortable with that. So many of you are pretty and slim, and I am neither of those things. :blink:
  12. Same here. And usually, they are not noticeable. I have paid attention to the creases, but then Im glad they're there as a guide so that I can refold them.
  13. :yes::p
  14. I don't, only if I've been wearing the scarf in a way that would make it very creased. Even then I usually only steam it from a distance, but that's because I'm terrified that my iron might splutter something yucky out or something :shame:

    I must admit that ironing isn't one of my favourite past times either...
  15. I Keep My Scarves Creased. After Washing, I Dry & Press (& Plump) Them Back Like That (Of Course Following GF's Rules...Let Me Know If You Need That Link OCMommy;))