Potentially Silly Question About Purse Size

  1. Hello ladies, I'm new here and have just bought my first two Coach bags. Before then, Fossil, Aigner, other department store brands. But I've always loved Coach...and now I own two!

    However, I'm a large lady, 6'0" and a considerable amount past 200 lbs. The Chelsea Signature Large Flap with braided strap in brown is perfect for my daily use, but I chose the Small Flap in black for formal/evening and it won't sit on my shoulder right. I was going to wear it on the crook of my arm but I'm now told by two people that that is an "old lady" way to wear purses!

    So, for a big woman, should I trade up for a larger bag or is crook of arm okay? I know, probably a dumb question but I am pretty new to better handbags.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Do YOU like it on the crook of your arm? How does it feel on you there? How does it look?
    If you feel weird with it in that spot then you may want to trade it for something that will stay on your shoulder better or get a satchel that's made to go on the crook of your arm :smile:

    Bottom line is, it's about what feels good on you!
  3. I couldn't have said it better candace!!!! :tup:
  4. what is crooked on arm??? i need a visual... and 200 and 6'0 isnt large.. i call it tall and healthy! maybe even normal proportional weight
  5. If that were the case, then 90+ % of the women carrying an LV Speedy would look silly, too. It is definitely NOT an old-lady way to carry a purse. The term "handbag" arose for a reason!

    But it really depends on you. Arm and hand-held bags are very comfortable for some people and very uncomfortable for others. If it is comfortable for you, you will rock the look, but if it isn't then it won't look good, either. The wearer's confidence is what makes or breaks the look!
  6. I do not think carrying a bag in the crook of your arm is the old-lady way to carry a bag. If you are comfortable carrying it that way then definitely keep the size you have.
  7. Trust me, I am a big lady too and some of my favorite Coach bags are carried in the crook of my arm! It's definately not an old-lady way of wearing your bag! Wear what you love whichever way is more comfortable for you!
  8. I am 6'0" also and I cannot stand to carry a bag in the crook of my arm. I love the big totes and Carlys. If I have anything smaller I feel like I'm carrying my 7 year old daughters purse.
  9. its about the only way I carry my bags, I think they deserve to be held that way, people see them more i think. I always notice ladies bags when they hold them in the crook.... I will be carrying my Carly this way tomorrow too....

    i think its just fine, do what you feel is comfortable....
  10. Thank you for your opinions, ladies. I'm still thinking larger, and I think RWolfeOH nailed it - as cute as the bag is, it feels like a kid's purse on my (hefty) arm.

    Oh, well, back to the Coach store :graucho:
  11. I think wearing a bag on the crook of the arm is very classy...not old.
  12. Remember that the Hermes Kelly bag was named after a young, beautiful Grace Kelly; as well as the Hermes Birkin bag being designed for Jane Birkin. Both were hand-held bags, remain classics, and are not associated with "old lady" by any means. Wear your bag in the manner that is most comfortable for YOU! And enjoy it.
  13. Well, I will be trading it in tomorrow, probably on a black/khaki or black leather Bleeker. I just can't get over how small it is on me. But I do have a yen for a Hamptons satchel for crook-of-arm carrying...maybe next year :smile:. Santa's got a hairy eyeball on me after two purses and two wallets...
  14. 1) that is totally normal size.....HEALTHY I MUST SAY!

    2) if YOU like it in the crook of your arms....to HE(double hockey sticks) with everyone else!:yes:

    3) i think its very ELEGANT to wear it in the crook of your arms
  15. *coughs softly* When I said over 200...I was being rather kind to myself. SIGNIFICANTLY over 200 would be a more honest appraisal. So, healthy...plus...yeah. :whistle: