potentially going to buy a Sienna in congac

  1. It is used though and she wants $300 for it (not someone here). Would that be a "fair" price to pay?

    She says there a "few little scratches and one of the tassles on the side is not tied".

    This is my first Kooba so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Any pics?
  3. We have too little info to go on to make a suggestion. Is it eBay? Good seller? Sure it's authentic? Can you give us more of the scoop?
  4. Yes, and thanks so much!

  5. It's not eBay, it's someone from another well-known forum for authentic merchandise. I don't believe she would offer to sell it to me if it wasn't authentic.
  6. It's impossible to tell with those pics. The leather looks good but there really is no close ups so we can tell. That black background makes it hard to see. There is no pic of the side zipper.
    We don't know the site and if they monitor for fake bags and if they have any control over who posts there and what they sell. We don't know the sellers track record. I hate to be cynical but as far as her not offering to sell it to you if it wasn't authentic is not worth much. If you've browsed ebay lately there are many people willing to sell anything to anyone.

    Be careful Maxsmom. Sorry, but with the amount of info and pics it's not possible to help you.
  7. I agree.