Potentially dumb question

  1. So...with the current colours out such as Rouge Vif (of course), Greige, etc...is the current availability "all there is" or will stores get another shipment of these? I really want the RV but I can't afford it as I just bought my birthday B-Bag...but what if I can't find one in a month or two:wtf:
  2. I'm in the same boat... I'm hoping there will be some turnover when the winter season colors come out (if there is one...) or when the spring colors come out.
  3. i don't think balenciaga bags are nearly as scarce as they were like two or three years ago, when if you weren't on the list immediately, there was little or no hope of you getting a desirable colour.
    the balenciaga boutique in nyc are still getting more shipments and will continue to get more shipments for these colours at least until late september. Neiman Marcus seems to have these bags popping up every now and then... and Barneys always seems to have a good amount of stock.
  4. That's true..but I'm in Canada, so NM and Barney's is out. I was under the impression that what would be arriving through September will be Fall/Winter stock such as Blue India and that the current colours would not be included in that...maybe I'm wrong but the staff at Holt's don't seem to know either.