Potential Steve Bag structural defect?

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    As some of you may be aware, I recently purchased a Steve bag in Kakao while on business trip. The leather is clemence taurillon so it's quite soft and supple. I have seen a youtube video of the same bag (just different color), when worn, the shape holds up quite well. But of course, their bag is empty, which could impact the way it sits. I haven't really put anything heavy in my bag, just few pages of document, phone charger and a wallet, and my bag is sitting weird on my shoulder (see pic below)
    IMG_2604.JPG IMG_2605.JPG

    Do you guys see what I mean? The bag just prefers to lean forward despite the fact that there is nothing heavy weighing it towards that direction. And the way the handle strap on the side is being pulled, it makes me feel uncomfortable and doesn't look great when worn.

    Preferably, (on both hermes website and the youtube video when it's empty), the bag should situation itself somewhat like this, where it doesn't lean on any side.
    It just seems like the bag's back side doesn't have structural integrity to hold itself in the shape above and the more stuff I put in it, the worse it gets (I thought for a while if I kept the bag full in terms of volume, not weight, it would stay like above, but it didn't, and it's not ideal to stuff the bag just to keep its shape anyway, I would want to put stuff I want inside, not to keep its shape for looks while wearing).

    The bag is very new, so I'm kind of confused why it behaves like that, anyone else having this problem? Could I have gotten a defective one?

    Any input is greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. At either strap end this is going to mold to your body. It's just the nature of leather and the design of the bag. So no, it's not a defect.
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  3. I can understand why you are disappointed. I would be too. The molding effect is very noticeable because the sides are wide. I have an old LV Viktor with similarly wide sides. Because the shoulder strap is attached to a metal rod at the top of each side, the sides do not distort as in your picture. Nonetheless the bag itself molds to my body. This effect does not matter so much with narrower messenger bags.
    It would be helpful if you showed these pics in the Guys modelling their Hermes thread.
    A solution to your problem might be some form of rigid/stiff lightweight liner.
  4. My vote would be to get a custom bag insert made for your bag if you want it to stay stiff and square, and not mold to your body. Clemence is a very floppy type of leather and will lean whichever way that it's used. Not a defect of the bag at all. I think it's a nice bag
  5. Both bag and style not defective
    Its the leather clemence characteristics
  6. I would agree with my colleagues above. My current bag of choice, a clemence Victoria 43, also collapses and is misshapen on its own. My samorga bag organizer fixed the problem immediately, plus really provided an attractive way of organizing my contents.

  7. Thanks for all of your replies, that makes me feel better! Where would I find a customized insert/organizer for this particular bag? Any ideas?
  8. Here on the Forum search the Bag Inserts List, a good place to start. You will find many resources. One to check out is Divide and Conquer, an Etsy seller. She makes inserts in all kinds of configurations, probably not one specifically identified as being for your bag, but maybe one with similar measurements that would work, or contact her about a custom one. Good luck, it is a beautiful bag and hope you are able to carry and enjoy it!
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  9. I think it will form to your bod and you just need to be patient.
    It does not look unbecoming at all. In fact it looks luscious! Congrats on a gorgeous bag!