Potential returners remorse Your thoughts please respond quickly going in an hour

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  1. I am planning a trip to my outlet in a couple of hours. It's about an hour drive so I don't go super often. I already have a bag in the car with receipt ready to return. Now I am having returner's remorse.

    I have three bags in the same class--- two are the Bleecker men’s weekend totes, the lime and the ocean colors. I haven’t cut the tags on any of them. This one, the one I am contemplating returning is denim. With webbing down the front. It's in my car and its freezing or I'd go get it...I might just anyway, LOL, to post a pic.

    The thing is I bought this bag thinking I could use it as a book bag or travel bag. I think it's really too large for an airline carry on however, and I'd be afraid to check it. If I filled it with books it'd get heavier than you know what!

    I could ask one of my boys (men) if they want it but I kind of think they will say no.

    So should I just return it and put the money in the Borough or other fund?

    BTW I really have cut down buying and my outlet gets a liitle snarky sometimes that I have returned a lot lately.

    Also BTW This isn't a veiled attempt to sell the bag here. I have the receipt and I don't know how I'd ever box it it's huge and would be costly to ship.
  2. If I were in your position I would return the bag and put the money towards the Borough.
  3. Return :smile:
  4. You should return the bag and get what you want..........sometimes we just change our minds and we have that right. You are making the return within the rules and guidelines that Coach has made so they have no need to have an attitude with you. Remember, it's YOUR money. :biggrin:
  5. Return it. You have 2 similar bags - that aren't "daily users" - I'd put the money into a Borough - or another bag you're lusting for - one you will use - rather than let it sit there because it's a pretty bag to look at - or because it was a deal too good to pass up!
    I've done the same - way too many times to count.
  6. I would also return. You already have 2 similar bags, odds are you wouldn't get your money's worth out of a third. I usually hesitate a bit to return also, but I find that after I do I always feel glad that I did. If you really loved it, returning would never enter your mind.
  7. Yep, all of you are right.
  8. +1
  9. can you post the style number? I'm tempted!
  10. It sounds like returning it is probably the best bet. But I want to throw out there that I've taken my Bleecker Weekender on the plane and it fits fine under the seat in front of me. I wouldn't want to check it either or put it up in the overhead bins so I was grateful to find it fits there just fine.

    Just some info for the Weekender bags you're keeping!
  11. +1
    I've also travelled with the weekender as my personal item. I put my purse, my laptop, and quite a few other things inside and it fit just fine under the seat in front of me. It really is the best $$ I've spent in a long time. It allowed me the flexibility of having two small purses with me on a recent weekend trip. You will really get a lot of use out of the ones you kept.
  12. Update, Item returned and zero other purchase! Thanks everyone. No remorse!
  13. Good for you!