Potential LV Thief Casing us today

  1. Glad you are ok. Yes sounds like he was really watching you two.
  4. That's scary! Glad that nothing happened! :flowers:
  6. No, not everyone likes LV, but it's easy to sell. But you may be right I was wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and an Ebel watch, also easy to sell.
  7. I carry a 40cal. I don't have much faith in any human ;)
  8. We are all thinking the worst of this poor guy...maybe he just thought the "BagLadys" were sexy??? Yeah right, I know...sexy targets! :graucho: Glad you guys are OK and glad to see other women paying attention to their surroundings...too many don't!
  9. OMG - I shop at Copley all the time and never think to look for suspicious people.

    I think that the other end of that mall (Prudential) is a lot scarier. I put an LV shopping bag down for 3 seconds at the Godiva Chocolate store to make a selection. When I turned back around, it was gone! :sad: Black MC Sarah wallet and I never got it out of the mall! :shucks:
  10. I'm sorry to hear that happened to your husband. It never occurred to me he could've been following us to stake out the car. We put them in the trunk. Don't know if its harder to break into a trunk unnoticed.
  11. That's terrible. I'm so sorry about your wallet.
    I only noticed that guy cos he was in the LV boutique. I was so caught up in shopping, I looked up and noticed him, then forgot about him until I saw him at the elevators staring at us. Creeped me out.
  12. I hardly go there because I am geographically challenged. I don't drive in Boston by choice. After that incident I won't ever go there alone.
  13. It's so good that you had the presence of mind to pay attention to anything other than LV :lol:

    Truth is, you could have been in danger of bodily harm, not just of losing your purchases. I will never feel safe there again. I knew that the LV had been robbed, at the same time that the robbers hit the Chanel store in the Taj hotel. But never really thought about someone stalking and robbing me.

    Ah, well...just proves what we all know: safety is an illusion.