Potential Flaw in Compact Zippy Wallet?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I have the new model Compact Zippy Wallet (purchased in February 2016) and in the last two weeks I noticed that there's a bulge/pointy piece of something poking the canvas. I suspect it's the zipper inside the canvas. It was not like this when I purchased it. I don't put any coins in my wallet and I definitely don't overload it. I took it in to my nearest LV store today and spoke to my SA and the store manager who took a look at it and took some pics to send to their quality control department to see if this is a common issue with this wallet. They also think it's part of the zipper that's poking the canvas out. I want an exchange but they didn't offer one. They said to wait to see what quality control says. I don't want this to get to the point where it ruins the canvas. Anyone out there that has this wallet that has the same issue? Here are some pics but it's hard to see in pics.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465582616.320325.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465582626.540835.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465582634.978839.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465582642.916503.jpg
  2. If ur the first person (or one of the very few) it won't be a common issue so I hate when they say that for a newly released item. They should just deal with the issue now esp if they themselves think its the zipper poking the canvas out which over time will prob wear the area out and it shouldn't be like that. You might have just have gotten a bad one, which means there's no known issue so ur exchange shouldn't be dependent on that. I had an issue with a newly released wallet once and they acknowledged it, didn't offer an exchange, sent pics, but no one ever contacted me back so I just went to a flagship store and showed the SA (didn't mention going to other store) and he was awesome. Saw the issue and exchanged it on the spot- brought me 5 to choose from. So if u don't hear back, or u aren't happy with their decision go to another store. I can see the bump clearly.
  3. I can see the bump clearly too. It was good that you took it to LV as soon as you noticed it, I think it may eventually damage the canvas.

    See what they say, I hope it doesn't take too long for them to get back to you and I hope they offer you an exchange.

    Good luck, please keep us updated.
  4. I just took out my recently bought new style ZCP to photograph and altho not as bad as yours but does it look like mine is protruding at the same spot too?

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  5. Yes it does. I can feel it and see it but it's hard to show in a photograph. I went to the LV flagship store in Toronto. They said I should hear back from them by Monday or Tuesday. I will insist on an exchange if they don't rectify the issue to my satisfaction. The SA did pull out another ZCW and she could feel a bump if she pressed on the canvas in the same spot.
  6. Omg that would drive me nuts. Hope it gets resolved.
  7. I think you're right, I can see and feel it ever so slightly but it's definitely around the same area! I'll be headed to the store in the next 2 weeks and will bring this up to my SA. Not sure of what she'll say (and honestly I've come to love this particular piece now and would rather not exchange her!) but let's see if it is a known defect already.

    Either ways, even if this issue isn't known yet, we should bring it to the SAs knowledge so they can take appropriate action when more cases come up!

  8. It is driving me nuts! It's making my OCD act up!
  9. I bought a ZCW in Vegas and noticed this happened to my wallet after the first day I used it. I took it in and was told it was probably part of the zipper. They offered to exchange it but several of the ones they had wee like this. It seems more noticeable when you put things in the wallet. I was worried it would rip the canvas big the associate said that couldn't happen... :/

  10. I don't know, but mine just started doing this. I really like this wallet but don't want to deal with the canvas cracking. I'll wait and see what they say.
  11. I really, really, REALLY doubt this will damage the canvas. Just enjoy it! You have photographic proof of what it looked like if something does start to happen. I would just go ahead and use the beautiful thing!
  12. I don't live in a state with a boutique but after ordering one of these (in azur) I had to return it immediately, they are not aligned well and don't sit smoothly on either side. My zipper track side was crooked too, even the fabric on either side of the zipper. I'm not sure if it was all due to the interior structure stretching it oddly but it didn't feel nice in the hands or even look like an authentic piece, I was so disappointed! I wish the old style was still available.
  13. frustrated about these news since i been wanting to buy this wallet. didn't LV think about it before redesigning it
  14. True... I'm not too bothered by it yet but can totally see how it could upset folks! I'll bring it up to the SA nonetheless, let's see if there have been more reports or how she acknowledges it.
  15. I bought this wallet a few months ago and noticed the same thing.
    I went back to the store and i was allowed to exchange for a different one but the ones i checked were much bumpier than mine.
    It's definitely the zipper that you can feel underneath but i was told that all of them would be like this and it wouldn't damage the canvas.

    I've been using the wallet daily and there's been no difference re wear and tear.
    It really doesn't bother me at all but if it bothers you, try and find one that feels the least bumpiest?