Potential BV meet in Hong Kong 2008!

  1. I have been mentioning in other threads about a possible meet in HK! Would be lovely to gather a bunch of BV addicts in the shopping heaven. There are a few BV stores in Hong Kong that are quite large-Pacific Place, Landmark and Habour City. :yahoo:And of course we won't be just doing damages in BV, there are plenty of places that will make our credit cards cry-so let's save up!:graucho:

    I will be going back to visit my family in mid May and my schedule is rather flexible. I would be staying in HK for at least a month or so. I will book my tickets soon and will let everyone know.;)

    If anyone is close enough to fly over, please do! I would love to play tour guide. Other BV HK tPFers, please identify yourself too if you wish helping to plan this event :woohoo:

    If anyone needs travel information, feel free to PM me. I know places where you can stay comfortably and are quite a bargain. That just means more $$ to spend on BV :wlae:
  2. Count me in...hoooray!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Wow... aren't we glam.... TPF meeting in HK!
    I can't decide as yet but I will be following closely on this thread and see how my schedule fits in.......
    Catabie, thanks so much for this initiative.... this is very exciting.
  4. BV tPF meet, shopping, eating. It's :party: time!!!

    It sure sounds irresistable. Due to work commitments it's hard for me to confirm at this moment but I'll certainly try my best. Be watching this space closely.
  5. catabie: that's terrific! sometime after may would be good especially if we hit the summer sales! when does the summer sale officially start in hk?

    i will most definitely try to make it. but will only know for sure around mar/apr when next year's work schedule is more fixed.
  6. I'm jealous...
    1) that there's a BV meet somewhere far away, and
    2) that you guys will be in Hong Kong!!!
  7. catabie, thank you for offering to be our guide. I will have to see if our budget can absorb a little trip as I have always wanted to visit Hongkong.
  8. catabie,
    thanks for taking the initiative for this thread! this is sooooo exciting!

    i am slotted for a conference in las vegas in may next year. but dpding on the dates that we agree on here, i will definitely join in if i can make it!
    will be watching this space here!
  9. I'm jealous. I want to go to HK so badly. Dh and I hope to visit Shanghai and HK in one trip. Maybe one of you local experts can tell me if that's unrealistic.
  10. boxermom, its totally do-able, you could do a 10 day trip covering both cities. That should give you ample time to sight-see and more importantly to cover the shrink-bank-account activities. :yes:
  11. hey boxermom, seeing hk and shanghai in one go makes total sense as there are plenty of flight packages to shanghai with a hk stopover. just a tip - do all the heavy duty (designer label) shopping in hk as the duty in shanghai is much higher (and hk is tax free!).

    and try to avoid going to shanghai in the summer months of jun-jul as the hot and muggy weather can be quite unbearable. onwards of aug is good.
  12. However, the great HK sales are in July/August! Loads of fab offers from most designer brands.
  13. I will be doing a trip to Asia next year but don't know when, yet. I'm planning on going to Taipei, HK, and Bangkok. Summer time is not so good, since it gets rather hot and very humid. I would love to meet up with all of you.

    Catabie, where do you suggest staying at in HK?
  14. uclaboi,
    since u are gonna drop by bangkok, come visit us in singapore too!! its a really short flight away and since you are already in asia, come come come! how can u come to asia without visiting singapore?!?!?:shame:

    okok - dont mean to sound so patriotic....but do consider...;)
  15. kopibaby - I'd love to, if time allowed. That would be a good idea, since I haven't been to Singapore (since I was 2 or 3 year old). I usually fly on China Airlines from LAX-TPE-HKG-BKK. Do you have any suggestions on how to add the SIN leg?