Potential buyer is in Panama

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  1. Hi,

    A potiential buyer emailed me today regarding one active aution item I listed on ebay. She said she is in Panama and and wants to pay using western union money order, then want me to ship to her FL address.

    Does this sound fishy or legit? BTW, she has 34 (100%) positive feedbacks and the item she is inquiring is worth $500.

  2. When she pays with a money order, she has no protection. You are fine, she wants to have it shipped to her FL address so she doesn't have to pay higher shipping.
  3. It sounds fishy to me. If she is in Panama why does dhe want it shipped to FL? As a seller you have to ship to confirmed addresses or you are not protected. Also I never take money orders. It can take up to 2 mos to come back as fake. The bank will take it, but it can still come back as fake later on. I wouldn't do it.
  4. Good call, Fashion_mom1. I just consulted with my banker friend and was told there are some money order fraud circling around and even the person (it could be me) who deposits those money orders could be facing federal charge and deal with police etc...

    The person already bid on my item, I have to cancel the bid through ebay. That was a close one!
  5. On the matter of an alternate mailing address...

    I have about 3-4 different mailing addresses on my ebay account. Depending on where the item ships from, I sometimes have them sent to friends/relatives in the same continent so I can save on shipping -- esp if I know relatives/friends are gonna be travelling and can help pick up.
  6. On the matter of money, as a general rule, I'd stick with Paypal. I believe Western Union has some associated charges for receipt of payment and why'd you wanna have multiple money-receiving accounts.

    To my mind, someone who doesn't run with Paypal has a chance of also being a dead bidder.