Potential buyer in Australia - how do I go about this?

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  1. Buyer wants to buy my bag on ebay - never shipped to Australia.
    What things should I be wary of? How can I calculate shipping costs?
    Thanks VERY much for your help...I want to see my bag but I'm' nervous
    about shipping overseas.
  2. If buyer pay via PayPal then you will need to have a tracking number so the parcel will have to be send via International Express Mail. The buyer needs to have a confirmed address with PayPal because in the event that the buyer do a chargeback with PayPal you are not protected if you ship to an unconfirmed address.

    If you ship the bag via International Priority or Express Mail then you can get the shipping box or tyvek envelope for free at the post office. If you're shipping via Air Mail then you will have to provide your own packing material and box. You can go www.usps.com to check the postage cost for the parcel, just enter in the weight of the parcel. Also, you will need to fill out a custom form for the package and remember to buy full insurance for the parcel too.

    I've shipped all over the world with no problem whatsoever (knock on wood ;)). Hope this help.
  3. If the item is over $1000 AUD make sure you tell her she will have to pay customs tax on it so you don't get into a situation where she doesn't want it anymore. That's the only thing I can think of that might compromise the situation, other than if she was a scammer of course.

    Unfortunately, we Aussies can't have confirmed paypal addresses, so you're not protected really as far as I know. I could be wrong. But I'm in Australia and I buy off ebay all the time and lots of people here are too, so i'd say it's simply luck, like all ebay transactions.
  4. It is correct that you cannot get a confirmed address in Australia, so Paypal will not protect you as a seller if you ship there. Personally, i require my buyers who cannot get confirmed addresses to pay with wire transfer.
  5. I do the same as Litigatrix if they are from a country where paypal does not offer confirmed addresses I require my buyers to pay by bank trasnfer!
  6. This is safe for the seller but not for the buyer. Basically, with unconfirmed addresses you can't win both sides. But for a seller to ask me to give all my trust to the seller is ridiculous when the seller isn't willing to give her trust to me if that makes sense. I don't think it's fair to get your buyer to accept this.

    You should put it forward as a suggestion, but don't push it. It's not fair on her/him. If she refuses and you can't stomach paypal from an unconfirmed address I think you should do the mutual withdrawal thing.
  7. I would send if only the buyer is verified and confirmed, and by express mail so there is tracking info and delivery confirmation :smile:
  8. Of course, I make it clear in my auctions that I require wire transfer from anyone without a confirmed address, or from anyone outside the US, UK, or Canada. Buyers can choose not to bid on my auctions if they don't like it. I think it is the best policy to be up front about your buyer requirements, but it really bugs me when someone bids and then pays with an unconfirmed address, despite my clear policy. I don't think my requirements are unfair at all, since I state them upfront and the buyer can simply not purchase from me if they don't like them.
  9. Oh no I wasn't saying you were unfair. If you state these are your conditions then obviously the buyer has to abide by them. I mean asking them after even though you've listed paypal as your payment method as I assume the OP did because she may not have thought about unconfirmed addresses. I don't think it's fair to say 'hey, I just found out I have no seller protection if I ship to you, so could you give up your chargeback possibility by sending me a wire transfer so i'm protected but you're not?'. I would explain and ask nicely but if she says no way, I wouldn't pursue NPB or anything.
  10. I think you are right -- in the case where the terms weren't stated up-front (unless OP did say no unconfirmed addresses), OP should offer to either take a wire transfer while acknowledging the risks to the buyer, or to do a mutual withdrawal from the transaction.
  11. I just set my auctions to only list in the US, UK and Canada. Problem solved.
  12. Actually I realise my post wasn't very helpful! You can calculate shipping costs online at usps.com if you plan to send USPS that is. Remember that to protect yourself as much as possible you need to send it with online tracking and insurance. If it's over $250 you also need a signature on delivery. Those items can all be included in your quote on usps.com (click add services after getting the initial shipping price).
    Personally I as a buyer would not pay with anything other than Paypal, especially if it was overseas. You might have a buyer who is happy to pay with a money order or wire transfer, some Aus buyers understand they are not confirmable and are willing to take the risk. But you should explain that you are in the situation where you will lose your sellers protection, and ask if they will accept a mutual withdrawal. Remember to ask them before filing with Ebay as it's infuriating to receive that email from them without knowing it's coming!