Potential buyer has -1 feedback. What to do?


Dec 26, 2007
I have a bag listed right now that is set to end in the next 24 hours. The current high bidder has -1 feedback and received it for not paying. Should I pull the bid or let it go and hope someone outbids them? I went in and changed my settings to block this type of bidder in the future so if someone outbids them at least I know they can't bid again.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
I would cancel their bid, as well and then block them thereafter.

This happened to me a month ago with a LV Petit Noé that I was selling. The winning bidder had a -1 feedback, and the one feedback she received (which was negative) said she was a NPB and gave the seller NO communication.

Well, because I was traveling at the time that she won, I had no idea who was bidding and who had won. Finally after two weeks of her winning the bid, she e-mailed me and said she changed her mind. Lovely!

So now I won't chance it. Especially if the only feedback they have is a negative. Stupid!

Coach Superfan

is playing catch up
Dec 5, 2006
^^ yes i agree with the last two posts- cancel the high bid and then block them. I dont think you can edit your your buyer specifications since the auction is ending in less than 24 hours. be sure to set bidder limits when you set up your next auction.


Apr 23, 2008
YES, CANCEL & BLOCK, CANCEL & BLOCK, CANCEL & BLOCK - IMMEDIATELY! A non-paying bidder simply isn't worth the hassle, and most likely, you'll have several other bids before the auction closes (most serious and experienced bidders don't bid until the last couple of minutes, or even seconds, before the auction's close.)

Good luck!