Potential buyer asked me to price match...against myself!

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  1. There are some bags that I list on ebay and bonanzle. I always make the prices higher on ebay because of the fees. Today I got an email on ebay about a bag i was selling with a link to my bonanzle listing. The buyer said "This person on ebay is selling the bag for less money on bonanzle, if i buy off ebay, will you beat their price?"

    When I discovered that it was my bonz listing, I cracked up! I emailed him stating that they were both my listings....waiting for a response!
  2. Actually, ebay forbids (I should clarify that, has prohibited) a seller selling the same item on another site at the same time, unless you have 2 of the same item.

    I'd be hoping the interested bidder didn't report you to ebay after what you admitted above...
  3. ^^^Really I do it all the time...........?
  4. I have seen MANY posts of people stating in their auction description that they are currently selling their item elsewhere and have the right to end the auction if it sells outside of ebay.
  5. Hmmm guess I never really read the rules.
  6. I'm sure a lot of sellers still have the items listed in both places, and I actually check Bonz to see if the seller has it there so I can buy it. Who is going to know that you only have one item? Sometimes ebay actually gets you exposure for the item on Bonz and the buyer buys it there....that's one of the things ebay is really trying to discourage.They lose $$$.
  7. I think they have the right to have this rule, TBH.

    Otherwise, it may increase the number of off-eBay deals, which are not only bad for their bottom line, but also leave buyers with little, or no, PayPal buyer protection.

    Also, there's always a risk the seller might sell the item elsewhere and on eBay, more-or-less simultaneously and then be tempted to let the eBay buyer down (to avoid fees), disappointing that buyer and making them less inclined to use eBay in the future.
  8. Really? I had no idea!
    I have often read here on tPF about people who sell on both. So people that list on Malleries and Ebay can get in trouble too? I don't sell on Malleries, but have noticed tons of double listings. Also, Fashionphile has everything listed in their own store and on eBay. Are they breaking the rules?
    I don't use the same seller name on both venues and certainly don't direct buyers from ebay to my bonanzle site, and vice versa.
    Certainly don't want to be breaking any rules. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. I think ebay would have a hard time enforcing that rule. Many sellers do have multiples and are certainly allowed to sell wherever they please and in as many venues as they like.

    The sellers do take a risk if both items sell in both places and they aren't quick enough to end the "other" listing, but that's their problem and they risk NPS if it happens.
  10. That's too funny, price matching against yourself! Bwah!

    I don't think Ebay is out of line in stating that sellers should not list in both places, when a buyer bids on Ebay they expect the seller to actually have the item, it's supposed to be a binding contract and all. Sellers get angry when bidders bid and then back out, it's the same thing when you've bid on an item and the seller backs out. That said, I can see why sellers would want to have something listed in both places, you can have your items hang around Bonanzle without having to pay a fee. If you are doing that I would keep up with your emails and check those auctions constantly to make sure you can take one down immediately to avoid any issues.

    I have left a couple negatives before, a few years ago when I was purchasing lots of books via Ebay and Half.com. I got so sick and tired of thinking I had purchased an item only to have the seller come back and say - sorry, sold elsewhere, that I started leaving negatives for it. Grrrr! Very frustrating for buyer, just as it is for a seller when a buyer backs out for any reason.

  11. I absolutely agree. As soon I see that someone has placed a bid on an eBay item, I take it down from bonanzle.
    Also, I haven't had one bonanzle sale that didnt have price negotiations first. If someone contacts me on bonanzle to negotiate a price and they seem serious, I take the ebay auction down. I get so few hits on bonanzle that this really hasn't posed a problem. I would say that maybe 1 out of every 20 sales is on bonanzle.
    Perhaps Bonanzle will start getting more traffic. If this becomes a problem, then I will obviously change my strategy.
    I don't want to break any rules, but it seems as if the rules aren't very clear if big sellers are able to list on malleries and ebay and their own sites and ebay. I am confused.
  12. Actually, I've just remembered that I asked for a price match on a seller's own price, myself, once! :lol:

    When I first joined eBay, I was pretty clueless and bid on a lovely Art Deco ring and another ring, from the same professional seller and almost immediately after I'd bid, both auctions turned into a bit of a bidding war...

    In the closing minutes of the auction I got really suspicious, so I went to the company's internet store (why I didn't do it before, I have no idea?!) and saw that they had the ring I was about to win for sale for a bit less than the winning price ($50, or so, I think?) and the other one, that I was about to lose, for sale for quite a bit less ($150, or something, I think?).

    So, I then emailed the 'winner' of the other ring and asked them if they were aware that the other ring was for sale, for less, on the website.

    I, of course, received no reply! :rolleyes: :lol:

    Even at the time, I had a distinct feeling that something was more than a bit fishy, so I then contacted the seller and said that if, by some fluke, they ever found themselves in possession of the ring I had lost, again, to please let me know; as I would be happy to pay their website price for it.

    I also asked them if they would mind matching the price of the ring I had won with their website price and they immediately agreed.

    Now I know more, I'm more than suspicious - I'm 99.99999999% positive that they were shill bidding on all their own auctions.

    I think they probably agreed to the price match on the basis that they knew, from my email, that I strongly suspected as much! :biggrin:
  13. ^^^
    Woah, shill bidding is a whole other story. Now I know that doing that IS NOT OK!