Potamos Canvas

  1. Absolutely in love with this new canvas TOILE POTAMOS. It exists in different colors but I took it in grenate and ming (see the picture). Do you like it? Did someone ordered this one as well?
  2. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! What does it smell like?:lol:
  3. I saw a Kelly with this same fabric and color at a boutique 2 weeks ago. It's beautiful!!
  4. I would be too ashamed to tell you what it smells. :shame:
  5. I did not know they made a Kelly in Potamos as well. It is beautiful and it also comes in 35.
  6. Oh, no....:shame:
  7. That's an interesting combination. I like the stripes a lot!
  8. Beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing!
  9. I also fell it is very unique as well.
  10. Its fabulous.
  11. It's Gorgeous