Potamos birkin on eBay already.. opinions?

  1. It looks very halloweeney to me. I'm not a fan.

    But - Luxwear is awesome to work with!
  2. ^^^ I agree. I think maybe if the canvas was a different color.
  3. I don't care for the orange color that much but I have seen a royal blue that was stunning.
  4. I think one of the members in here have this birkin but in blue.
  5. I prefer the blue. :smile:
  6. You're right. It belongs to HermesAddiction, the pictures I saw are in the Ming Birkin thread.
  7. Yep, diana you are right, it was HermesA who got it. I like it better in blue too ;)
  8. Me no likie.
  9. same here...
  10. Not my preference either
  11. I mostly hate the colors of that bag but the off-center stripes would just drive me crazy!
  12. quite... weird...
  13. I am bonded to be biased because I have it in blue :shame: On my one, I don't mind the stripes because I think it makes it a bit more interesting, or different than a plain one. BTW, when I ordered it, it was done "sight unseen" so I had absolutely no idea what I would be getting. I was a bit worried until it arrives and I have to say I was quite relieved when I finally saw it IRL :P It definitely looks more casual than a regular Birkin and I think it would be perfect for my really casual and sporty days :smile:

    I knew there were a few colors available when I ordered it and I was debating big time which color I should get..... I am so glad that I ordered it in Blue ;)
  14. not my cup of tea