1. Can anyone recommend another type of exercise regime or anything (!) that helps with posture...other than Pilates. I just HATE Pilates as much as I've tried not to.

    I would like to work on my core strength and specifically my posture.

  2. Yoga is good for your posture
  3. swimming?
  4. This is not a workout, but I like to go to a chiropractor every now and then to make sure I am still in alignment. I went with a friend once, and he told her that she was so badly out of whack that it was making her an inch shorter! He "straightened" her out one side at a time and called me over to show me the difference in her legs. After he fixed the 1st side, it really was much longer than the other (until he worked on the other side as well). We put such strain on ourselves everyday without realizing it (like lifting heavy things) that it can really screw you up. Anyway, after being realigned, my posture is always 100% better.
  5. Partner dancing like ballroom, salsa, tango, swing, etc is the fastest and most fun way to improve posture.

    Ballet is terrific, too. Lots of actresses, actors, and opera singers take ballet just for the posture and to learn how to move deliberately.

    DVDs won't do it. You need to have someone see you stand and move (looking at you from a side position) and correct you. For example, almost everyone sticks their neck out and has no clue they are doing so. You can't find the right placement for that on your own.

    Second most common problem: locking your knees. Focus on those areas first.
  6. As mentioned above how about Ballet ?
    There are plenty of adult ballet classes nowadays and it's great for posture & alignment !
  7. Ballet would be great for that because they teach you to push your shoulders down, lengthen your neck, and have graceful arms. You can probably find a good adult ballet class if you do a google search in your area. Best of luck!
  8. I think brisk walking might help but that's just my nonexpert opinion. Just feels like it helps me.
  9. Another vote for ballet. I took it for 16 years and people always comment about my posture. I think even a once a week adult class would give you noticeable results.
  10. dance is a good suggestion :smile:
  11. I remember back and shoulder exercises with a little weight helped my posture a lot when I first started going the gym. They make you so sore, that the only way to relief the pain is to stand up straight!