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  1. Twice now I've posted comments in both the Jessica Simpson thread and the Kim K thread and they have been deleted. Neither comment has used bad or offensive language and was completely appropriate. They weren't flagged or anything either on my account. Just wondering :smile:. Thanks!!!
  2. we don't delete unless it's offensive or spam. When were these posts made?
    I just looked through all your posts for the past 8 days and nothing has been deleted.
  3. Idk, I couldn't find them when I looked back. It's not big deal, I was just wondering. Looks like the one in the Hilary Duff thread is back now, but it was gone earlier. Who knows...
  4. Hmmm, we haven't deleted then undeleted anything.
    If you could give me an idea when you posted the post you can't find I can look :yes:
    But we really don't delete posts. If we do due to offensive comments you get a note from us.
  5. just checking, has this policy changed...i seem to have had a post deleted but received no notification...?

  6. Your post was off topic, I believe. I was using the phone app and couldn't send a reminder. I was coming on this morning to send PMs. If you have an issue with a member here, please pm them. We don't want to bring drama from one thread to another.
  7. We don't always give notifications. Not all deleted posts receive reminders, in other words.
  8. You deleted nycmom's comment yet you left the original rude, offensive, off-topic comment that prompted it? :pullhair:
  9. lol thanks for trying to explain but now i am even more confused!

    okay i am on my ipad so can't send it now but in the interest of not "bringing drama from another thread" i will pm you my thoughts about this later

    to quote a new friend, i don't know you but i love you! :smile:
  10. I see where the confusion is. Swanky was saying that rude comments get reminders. However, there are other reasons for deleting comments. Most commonly off topic or offering to buy/ sell. We try to send reminders when the comment warrants it but with off topic comments and or say chatting in reference threads, sometimes we just delete on the go.

    I try and send a pm or note when I delete something just so people know what happened but I was traveling yesterday. Your comment was not rude or offensive so it didn't necessarily need a reminder. Sorry for the confusion.

    I look forward to any PMs.
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    I deleted it. I deleted yours too. Without all the ensuing snark, I did not find the original comment that rude or offensive, frankly. Nobody reported it.

    I assumed people would ignore, or use the report feature if they had an issue.

    If you want to PM me about it, please feel free.


  12. Thank you, but I don't feel the need to PM you and I don't see why this discussion can't be out in the open anyway.

    To single out Hessefan because she decides not to eat expired food (honestly, how many of us do????) and comment on it in a passive aggressive way like Echoes did is her signature way of posting. She was on a time out already and frankly, I am surprised to hear that you as a mod didn't see anything inappropriate in what she wrote. Our landfills are not overflowing because Hessefan does not want to take risk with potential food poisoning. Seriously? and how was that ON TOPIC, a requirement that is drummed into us constantly?

    And what about V0N1B2's question that was left without reply? How to understand Echoes' question directed at yourself: 'Cobalt, are you SURE I can't go 'unleashed':graucho::angel::choochoo: ?' and the fact that it was left in the thread? And in a section where you yourself constantly request sensitivity and understanding for the OP's? Don't tell me none of you saw it because it wasn't reported. You are running a too tight ship in R&F not to have seen it.

    Looks to me like a case of "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".
  13. One of the things that came out of that thread in R&F where we did ask members to be more sensitive was that clearly people did not want to be over-moderated and felt that that was happening. I try to keep that in mind.

    Hessefan did not have an issue with the post, and I didnt either. Right or wrong, I didnt. You can think that is wrong, but it wont change the fact that when *I* read it in the thread, I just ignored it and moved on.

    Nobody reported it, so I guess I was not alone. If you had an issue, you could have reported it, which you did not do until your post was deleted and it was brought up in THIS thread.

    I am pretty sure Hessefan can stand up for herself if she sees the need to do to. We all know that Hessefan is not filling up the landfills.

    As for The Unleashed Comment, I took it to mean that Echoes wanted to go unleashed on the SO of the OP, not the OP. Maybe that was not what she meant, but since it stopped there, I ignored it and let the thread go on.

    In the spoiled food thread, I would also have let all of the landfill snark comments go on, but they were adding up. So they were deleted. Again, a judgement call, plain and simple.

    Honestly, clearly the moderating in R&F is difficult, I am very well aware that I am damned if I do and damned if I dont, so is Littlerock and so is Swanky. The only reason any of us continue to put ourselves out there to moderate in there is because we feel it is an important part of PF and we know that people receive real help and support there.

    We delete fewer comments now, and hope our members either will either use the report feature, respond respectfully, or let it roll and ignore it.

    If someone has "a signature way of posting" that bothers you:

    We would not bother with even having an ignore feature if we were going to delete every post on the PF that rubs someone the wrong way.

    I hope that clears up some of your concerns.


  14. I am in complete agreement with all you've said Nataliam. I have to say that I had to check my eyesight a few times when I saw that the OP of the "chill pill" thread was none other than Echoes. Echoes, she of the one line snark remark telling the general TPF public that it's time to take a chill pill when she has been stirring the soup unbridled here for what seems like an eternity. I too remember the "unleashed" comment, like it was some kind of inside joke.
  15. Unbridled? I'm not comfortable talking about someone as if they aren't here but just to be clear, Echoes is not immune to being edited or warned. She is well used to our moderating by now maybe more than most.
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