postpartum knee pain?

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  1. My 2nd boy is 5.5 month old now and I am still experiencing this knee pain that's making walking up and down the stairs difficult.

    I am still 10 lbs above my pre pregnancy weight (125lb) and had 2 very normal pregnancies (last one I had gestational diabetes) so I assume it's not a weight issue.

    Anyone else with similar issue before?

  2. I went to the doctor about this same issue after my 2nd was born. I was only about 10 pounds heavier as well. She said that due to the "widening" of the hips it can offset the alignment between your hip, thigh, and knee. I have been having problems with my knees for 10 years now so I am not sure it that was the only thing wrong, but she told me to do some knee and thigh exercises with a resistance band and that would help.
  3. ^ Thanks! I am definitely going to ask my OB during the next visit. It just seems that my body aches in many different places after having 2 children :P
  4. My knees also hurt more after having my baby. I think it was also the strain of lifting her, etc, etc. I definitely need to have them checked out as it's already been almost 5 months.
  5. bumping this thread...are any of you ladies feeling better now? I just had a baby a couple of months back and I'm experiencing the same knee pain and have trouble going up and down the stairs as OP mentioned :sad:

    I would love to continue wearing my high heel shoes once I get back to work but I'm afraid the knee pain is going to make it difficult!:cry:
  6. I had this happen to me and the reason was the same as that described by Heathie02. It's been awhile (my daughter is 2) but I think I was feeling better by about 4 months post partum. And my pain was incredibly severe. It does get better though, and you will be able to wear heels again.
  7. My knee pain gradually subsided and went away throughout the first post-partum year.
  8. to relieve your knee pain check out this link

    I have pain in both my knees but after using this product for just a few weeks the pain has already started to go away.. it's healing the injury and I am feeling much better and no pain! you should chekc it out!!
  9. This thread is 2 years old...
  10. there's a pregnancy hormone called relaxin that causes your joints and ligaments to stretch out, in prep for birth. it can set everything off-balance, quite literally, in a way that may be permanent.

    if your hips have stretched out (which is very very common), that means your knees will be taking strain as they try to adjust to their new position/weight-bearing pattern.

    a rehabilitative physiotherapist or a very good Pilates instructor can help immensely. good luck!!