Postpartum Hair Loss??

  1. i just had a baby. he's almost 5 months now and i recently started to have some hair loss (tons!) and so is he. is this normal?

    his little head has some bald patches and friends and relatives suggest to shave his hair. do i wait till after he is one year old? or can i do it sooner? they say hair will grow back thicker after you shave them.

    i'm not really bothered by my hairloss, i have a head full of hair :nuts:. i'm just worried about the baby's. :confused1: any thoughts? TIA.
  2. My baby is 5 and half months now and I have had a lot of hair loss too. My mother suggested that I keep taking the prenatal vitamins. It is normal for you to have some hair loss after having a baby. Dont worry, you wont go bald or anything. :p

    I have no idea if its normal for your baby though. But I dont think it'll hurt him to shave his head.
  3. Your hair loss is normal. During pregnancy, the hormones keep your hair from falling out as much as it normally does. But then a while after, it goes back to normal and you lose your nice extra thick hair. (My sister in law, the OB corrected me on this, since I'd always thought it grew faster when you're pregnant. But no, it just doesn't fall out as much.)

    Babies have the same issue. Several of my friends have had their babies lose a lot of hair shortly after they were born. Here's a good, easy to read article about it:
  4. The hairloss is normal, I've experienced a bit too.

    As for him, does he wear things on his head a lot or is in a laying / leaning position often? This sometimes happens when the head is rubbed against fabrics, it just kinda rubs the hair off, lol. A friend of mine in my playgroup had this problem with her daughter. She wore hats often and eventually she had a little bald patch where the sides of the hat was and also had a small one on the back of her head from her bouncer :smile:
  5. thank you everyone!

    my son loves to play with his hair when he's about to go to sleep. his bedsheet is full of hair the morning after. i've even resorted to putting on his mittens at night but his hair still falls off. he doesnt wear hats or caps so i'm just hoping its a stage where they just lose their baby hair (just like baby tooth) and then grow back thicker hair........*fingers crossed*
  6. It is very normal for both of you. Women gain extra hair when they are pregnant because of the hormones, and after the baby is born you will lose that. Babies sometimes lose hair after birth and it will come in their real color-most commonly they are born with darker hair which falls out and comes back in blonde.
  7. ITA w/ everyone, completely normal for both of you!:yes:
  8. I lost tons of hair after each pregnancy (4). Three babies were born with lots of thick hair, and they shed like crazy, same as mom, lol. One child was born with thin blond hair and he didn't shed but unfortunately I still did, lol.
  9. I was told that it is normal to experience hair loss when your baby sheds his/her hair. Just imagine that it is what you would have lost in the 9 months of pregnancy anyway. A good excuse to get a chic, shorter haircut!
  10. With my first pregnancy I lost hair and eyelashes! My little girl lost a lot of hair too.

    Baby boy was born 6 weeks ago and has a lot of bald spots. I am waiting to start shedding too.
  11. All correct - it's normal for you both. Sometimes the hair loss starts earlier, but with breastfeeding moms it's delayed a bit. As for the bald patches on your baby, the hair will grow back but in some children it takes until their 1st or 2nd birthday before the hair in those areas start to thicken.
  12. Ohhh---don't shave your baby's head. Shaving the head to have the hair grow back thicker is such an OLD wive's tale! No truth in it! Treasure each little hair and just let it be natural. Let him be!
  13. @ Lola,

    Oh man, if that were true I'd be shaving my head right now! I've got such thin hair and have always wanted beautiful, tick hair :sad:
  14. thanks lola, i am really scared to do that....what fif it doesn't grow back....waah!*&?%$
  15. I'm so glad I found this thread. For the last month, I have been losing a lot of my hair and thought something was wrong with me. I'm glad to now it's just due to post-pregnancy.