Postman's Lock Question

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  1. Hi girls,

    I'm after some advice regarding the postman's lock on my denim ticking bayswater. The sticky outy bit (tehnical term!) that goes throught the whole and then twists to secure is really loose and wobbly. I've checked my other bayswaters and if you try and wobble them there isn't much movement. Also on my denim one it pretty much just spins so won't stay twisted closed.

    Has anyone else had this issue and is there anything I can do to fix it?

    Thank you!
  2. Eeek that sounds a bit dodgy, like if you use it, it might drop off!

    I would call Mulberry CS asap & explain it to them - see if they will pick up the postage back to them too! Probably just needs tightened a little!
  3. Yeah, that's it, I'm not sure it would, but it definitely feels like it might fall off.

    Are they able to tighten them or something then? I just can't see how they would do it
  4. Im sure there is something they can do - I recall someone else saying that they had sent their bag back for a similar reason. Just cant remember who it was, sorry.

    I would call Mulberry CS on Monday & see what they say - fingers crossed!!
  5. hi Copper, I just sent my Milton back re. a lock prob - sounds the same - it's a different style lock but has a "twisty" bit, mine felt extremely loose like it woudl fall off. I think it's likely they will replace the whole lock rather than just tighten it up. I expect with the postman locks they have an abundance of them as they always make bayswaters, so def worth contacting Mulberry. I took mine into a store and they've sent it on
  6. ooh, thanks for that both of you. I guess I will contact them on Monday, I hope it wont take too long though as it's only a summer bag so don't want to miss out using it, but if i use it i worry the twisty lock will fall off