Postmans Lock has fallen off :(

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  1. I also have problems with two missing components. They seem to fell quite easily. :tdown: Should I really send both bags to UK for repair? I was hoping I could take a photo of my bags and ask Mulberry to send me the missing parts. :confused1:
  2. They won't send the parts to you. I had the same problem with my Mulberry Bayswater, one screw got loose and was lost before I recognized. I did email Mulberry customer service with many pictures of the problem, they told me to bring it to their store in New York and provide them with original receipt to get it fixed! OMG, I'm in California. I don't even ask them to send me the part, I just ask them whether they can tell me the specs of the screw so that I myself can buy it or something similar which can fit in the place of the missing screw. This is something annoying and unacceptable for a wellknown designer company like Mulberry. And that will be my last purchase from them ever. Ladies, anyone in California can help me with a store where I can find a solution? Thank you so much in advance.
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