Postmans Lock has fallen off :(

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  1. Hi all,

    I am wondering whether anyone can help. The postman's lock (the bit that turns and closes the bag) has fallen off my OS black alexa. Now i can't put anything in my bag or carry it without it pulling and looking terrible since the straps don't provide much support when closed.. It has just passed it's 1 year warranty by a month.
    Would I be able to just purchase just this little metal part from Mulberry? Since it just screws on and I have lost it, do I still need to send it off for repairs? Any idea how much this will cost?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Happened to my sisters bayswater, she took it to Shepton Mallet. They charged around £30 I believe. She initially went to HOF but they were asking way too much for postage.
  3. A new lock on a Bayswater is 25 Pounds. I would make a complaint as this should not have happened - not even after a year or five for that matter! They might repair your bag free of charge.
    Good luck!
  4. If its just out of warranty they might repair it for free as a good will gesture but I would get on to them asap. Kate Peters at Shepton Mallet is the person to speak to.
  5. Before 18 months mulberry will only charge £15 for a repair. As the bag is only just passed the one year warenty Mulberry may repair it for free.
    Send it off yourself with a covering letter and you should have it back in a week.
  6. Just had my Ant repaired and they replaced the whole lock (both parts) and charged me £15 but first quoted me £34 - it was about 18 moths old.
  7. This has happened to me too, and twice! First with my plum alexa, and recently with my my mini leopard Alexa which is currently in for repair. I had the bit that fell off, and unfortunately you can't just screw it back on, so I believe you will have to have the back sent of for the repair.
  8. Thank you for all your replies! Looks like im not the only one with this problem.. Pretty disappointing when the bag costed so much!

    Do you ladies know if i can take the bag for inspection / send off for repair at the york outlet?

    Thank you :smile:
  9. Hi All

    I'm new to this forum just wondered if somebody could help!

    I have an Alexa thats still in Warranty but I'm unsure as to whether it needs sending off for repair or not....

    On the lock, the little twisty bit (technical term) had come rather loose. I started to twist it to try and work out what was wrong with it and then it came off!!!! Now obviously these are attached by a screw so if I screw it back on have I fixed the problem myself??? If I send the bag back to Mulberry is this all that they would do to fix it?

    I am happy to send it away but I cant help thinking its a waste of time if I have in theory fixed it.

    I suppose they may do something else to make sure it stays on?
    I cant help but think there has to be more to it other wise surely these locks will fall off all the time?

    I have a bayswater which I've owned for 2 years and I've never felt the lock come loose on it.

    Please help? thank you! x
  10. If it's in warranty, Lizzy, I would send it back for repair. Alexas seem to have had quite a few quality issues from the posts in this forum!
  11. Hi, this has happened with one of my bags as well. I think I can easily repair it myself as long as I have the right component. I am a bit reluctant to send the bag to Mulberry as the bag is quite heavy an therefore P&P is rather expensive from the Netherlands.
    Does anyone know if I can just order the component, like perhaps a whole new postman lock?
  12. I read somewhere on here that Mulberry aren't keen to send parts off to people in case they were used by people making replica bags... Worth a try though.
  13. I see, that sounds logical. Yes I think you are right about that. Wil be an expensive lock then ;)
  14. I needed a screw for the back of my Postmans lock but Mulberry wouldn't even send that. Very annoying !!
  15. Very concerning especially given the cost inflation on these bags... Since you almost can't get a Mulberry for less than $1000 anymore, you'd expect somewhat higher quality. I have other designer bags like YSL and Chloe that I use almost daily and never had such issues.
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