Postman Lock Clutch replacing Bayswater Clutch?

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  1. I noticed that the black Bayswater clutch has gone into the sale today, which was surprising as I didn't think they put this colour in to the sale before. And I've also just seen the Postman's Lock Clutch (and the Continental Clutch) in the 'new' section, which made me wonder if they were phasing out the Bayswater clutch? What do you think?
  2. Yes, I think you might be right. All colors have gone into sale, not just the seasonal ones. That usually means something. And I don't think it would make sense to keep both the bayswater clutch and the continental clutch in the collection anyway. They are way too simular!
  3. Based on my experience (and there are others with more, so correct me if I'm wrong) core colours only tend to go in the sale when that style OR particular leather are being discontinued.
  4. I think they recently replaced the leather on the black Bayswater clutch because I tried to find one in a certain type and there were only a few left in the country when I did. So if they've only just changed the black leather I wonder if that means it's more likely they're discontinuing the style.

    It's a shame because in a way it remind me of the Lily - the flap shape and simple rectangle and gold chain. Makes me wonder if they're going to change the design of the Lily too, but they've released some new colours so that seems promising.
  5. That seems to be the case. It wouldn't seem sensible to have three very similar styles in the current range. The Postman Lock Clutch is a bit more spacious and has more compartments and a shorter strap (which is great as I know many of us found the chain of the Bayswater Clutch to be too long). It's leather lined too and has a proper zip pocket at the back. It's very similar to the Chanel WOC imo. The Continental Clutch is more like a Prada chain wallet. It looks more like a proper wallet as the name suggests. Beautiful piece.

    I actually purchased the new Postman Lock Clutch a few days ago and I'm totally in love with it. Might post some pictures soon :smile:
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  6. Agreed.
    The new pharaoh destroys all traces of the old pharaoh. ;)
    Guess works same with mulb designers.
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    Does anyone here have a Bays clutch? I've been after one after seeing pictures of it, but I've never seen it in person. Now I've seen it's gone into sale, and I'm wondering whether to go for it - but now the postman's lock bag is out, I'm wondering if this design has taken over for a reason. It would be for an evening bag - wearing with a nice dress, fitting purse & phone in. I basically have Kate Middleton envy & want that style! Thanks!
  8. Yes. I have one. I just did a reveal and video on it. It's on the newer thread. That might help!