Posting warnings with photographs/video?

  1. Could it be a requirement that if someone is posting pictures/videos that some people might find disturbing, they should post a warning beforehand, either in the title or before the link?

    If people don't know what they're in for when they click on the link/open the thread, they could get very upset.

    It's not like we're posting sadistic things, but different people have different levels of tolerance when it comes to anything to do with animals or medical oddities or something.

    It doesn't even have to be a requirement. Maybe it could just be a really strong suggestion.
  2. seems obvious doesn't it? Some people just don't think I guess.
  3. I always post a NSFW if it's something that could get somebody in trouble - and I always attempt to make the title of the post descriptive enough to let people know what's inside.

    I don't know why others wouldn't do the same
  4. That's a really great suggestion, Caitlin. I know I've opened a few threads I'd rather not have LOL.
  5. People are really good about adding NSFW, and in topics protesting unnecessary suffering caused to animals (like veal, foie gras or Chinese zoos to be feeding live cattle to tigers while patrons watch) the warning is kind of implied, because the poster mentions something along the lines of "horrible treatment," "cruelty" or "this makes me sick" is mentioned.

    It's just that anything that's not clearly celebrity partial nudity or animal cruelty doesn't seem to have a warning when sometimes it really should.