Posting twice when once will do?

  1. I've noticed that a particular poster will post a one-sentence post at, for example, 8:30. Then at 8:31 they will post another sentence that could have easily been posted with the first post.

    These posts are always within the 15-minute time limit to edit. Sometimes they are "stamped" with the exact same posting time, so it seems like this is not an after thought but a planned way of posting.

    So, is there a rule against something like this where it appears that someone is just trying to boost their number of posts and/or make themselves highly visible?
  2. There is not a rule about it, but it is VERY odd to do that. If someone is just beefing their count, it will go against them when it comes to an MP application etc. We see that :yes:
  3. Yeah I've seen this too but in the games area.
  4. I hate when people do that.
  5. Alot. LOL
  6. I see post whoring on here a lot, if not as egregious as your example. It doesnn't help when there are threads celebrating post count. In other forums, those kind of threads are banned because they lead to people posting one-two word posts, and saying "ITA" to someone else's posts just raise post count. Quality, not quantity, should be encouraged and celebrated.

    Another feature I've seen on a message board is to turn off post count in a forum like "games" so that people don't use it as a tool to drive up post count.
  7. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by this. Someone will, for example, ask what color their next bag should be and it goes like this:

    1:43 pm - Poster posts a reply
    I think gold would look great.

    1:44 pm - Same poster posts another reply
    Green is also a good choice.

    Selena, I loved your example!! LOL!! That's exactly what they do!

    Hmmmm, I'm wondering if maybe they don't realize there is an "Edit" button ???
  8. *Sheepishly raises my hand*

    I sometimes do that.

    I'll comment on something and sometimes I'll forget to add something. If I have 'time,' I'll edit the post to add it.

    Otherwise I'll put the thing I forgot in a separate post.
  9. Oh, I don't think that is what we're talking about... if you run out of time to edit then the only thing left to do is start a new post. :tup:

    The posts I think we're talking about are ones where the two or three posts are under each other and posted at the exact same time or one or two minutes between them... when there is plenty of time to Edit and add to the original post.
  10. I do this A LOT... in the Hawaii thread we're often all on at the same time pretty much having a real time chat thru the discussion board... I don't want to edit b/c they might not read the post again ... so i just make a new one. Hence why the Hawaii thread has like 6k posts, lol.
  11. Oh yeah! I HATE that!
  12. I really do!

  13. What would be the motivation to make one's post count higher? The only possible thing I can think of is that buy and sell private forum, but my understanding is that they also have to apply for that, and the management would easily be able to look at the person's actual posts, so "post whoring" would be counter-productive.

    Other than that, I am mystified as to why anybody would just want to have a higher number of posts next to their name. Am I missing something? I think I have a lot of posts, are there like netflix coupons for it or something?
  14. I have been wondering that, too. I just don't see why someone would want to "beef up" their post count. I don't even really pay attention to my post count, I couldn't tell you the number right now without looking at it if I had ten guesses. I just post when I find a topic/discussion/comment, etc., that I would like to contribute to or make conversation. I thought that's what everyone else did, too. I just don't understand that logic.
  15. Believe it or not, there are people who try to get to certain levels...say if they are close to 1,000 they'll try to get there fast... things like that. I haven't seen it first-hand on this board; but on other boards there are threads about it, etc. and people will actually say that they are trying to get to a certain level!!

    In addition I guess some people just like to sort of "spam" the board and have a zillion posts, mostly useless drivel, in a day's time.