Posting to Italy - tracking website please

  1. Hi.

    I'd love to get a Post Italienne website that is working to track an item that I have sent to Italy. I can find a link on the official Italian Postal site, but it gives me an error message that the link is broken. Does anyone have a working link please?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, I don't think it's possible to track an item sent from abroad on our postal service site: once the item hits the Customs, they give it a new tracking number. You can ask your buyer to call their freecall number 803160, give them the original tracking number (the one you have) and they hopefully will give you the new tracking number. HTH
  3. hi , if you shipped it with registered mail or express mail you can track it as soon as the items arrives in italy

    and this is for registered mail hope it helps ;)
  4. ^She will unlikely be able to track the package that way (and reading her post I think she was already trying it).

    You can use this link only if you send a package from Italy to a foreign country - this link provides track until the package has been delivered.

    Same here. You can track the registered mail that you sent from Italy until the Italian borders. You can use this link once the frecall number gives you the new tracking number (and sometimes they're not able to provide it to you).

    If you sent the package as a EMS I think you can track here:

    For EMS tracking I find this link very helful:


    ETA: I've been able to track an item sent from abroad (on the IT postal service site) using the original tracking number only ONCE. And I was able to do it after a month (it has been held at Customs) from shipping date. There are rare cases where they don't give the parcel a new tracking number.
  5. that's not correct nilla:i constantly buy items from USA , SHIPPED with usps express mail and i am able to track them using the link i posted as soon as the item arrives in italy .

  6. Sorry I didn't read you were talking about USPS express mail. :flowers:

    As regards registered mail I'm never able to track it (only once^^^^): I mainly buy from UK, sometimes from USA.
  7. :hbeat:no problem bella.... well , of course our italian poste can't be compared with usps postal service:roflmfao:
  8. :p:p:p LOL