Posting Pictures?

  1. How do you post pictures without having to click on the attached image to make them larger?

    I've seen many pictures where you can view them as you view a post without having to click on the image and was wondering how I can post them that way.

    I was just viewing yeuxhonnetes collection on the Showcase Your LV Collection HERE!~ PHOTOS ONLY, PLEASE! thread on page 9 and it's so convenient to not have to click on the image.

    Can anyone please explain how that is done?

    BTW yeaxhonnetes, your collection is beautiful! :love:
  2. I click on INSERT IMAGE.
  3. Oh, Thanks. I've been clicking on Manage Attachments.
  4. we actually prefer you to use Manage Attachments only.
    Vlad disabled them showing up in posts temporarily, soon they'll show up just like they did before.
  5. Hi- When I try the insert image option I can't load pics from my computer, only only from sites, am I doing something wrong?
  6. to load photos from your PC, you need to use Manage Attachments.
  7. Thank you swanky! :flowers:
  8. How come sometimes the pictures won't upload?
    I get an invalid file note.
  9. are they jpegs and 195kb or smaller?
  10. Maybe they are too big. Thanks, I will try to pay attention to the size next time. They are def. jpegs.